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Make that special day last a Lifetime

Wedding Jewelry

We know how intimidating and nerve-racking the engagement and wedding planning can be.

At Rejewelvenated Designs, you collaborate one on one with an expert GIA gemologist and designer to help guide you through these tough decisions so that your wedding jewelry will perfectly symbolize and show your special bonds of love!


We work with anything you have--from old jewelry to sourcing the stones for you.

You can either custom remake your engagement ring and wedding band from diamonds, gemstones and/or metal that you already have or inherited (and don't worry if you need extra stones, we will perfectly match what you have to complete your dream jewelry)


You can custom make your wedding set from scratch. We will source certified diamonds or gemstones for you to choose from and work with you to design the perfect setting design.

Getting Married?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting experiences in your life, so let’s create an engagement ring and wedding band to fit you like a “glass slipper”… perfect for only you!

Create your dream engagement ring from scratch by working with your personal GIA expert.

Or if you have heirloom jewelry, repurposing it can make this exciting event even more memorable. Our clients who have remade heirloom diamond jewelry for their own wedding set have said how very special their new ring is. Beyond a symbol of love with their partner, these rings now hold the memories of their loved ones everyday as they step into their new life.

Getting Ready for Happily Ever After?

So much to plan for-- the dress, the hall, the food, the music. Don't forget about the jewelry! It seems like a lot of brides today are very conscience of re-using and sustainability. Women like you are reinventing the "something old. something new" to be represented by the new earrings, necklace, pendant or other wedding jewelry created from old or inherited jewelry.

This special jewelry not only completes your fairy-tale dress and shoes and vail, but is something you can wear and treasure everyday (unlike the dress that you only wear once)


We know you have a lot to plan, so we make the jewelry part very easy!

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Your daughter is getting married!

Oh how exciting, your daughter or son is getting married! As the mother, you need to sparkle and shine too! You are not the star of the show this time, but all eyes are on you as your child moves onto the next stage of their wonderful life.

Let’s create a special piece that makes you feel like a queen! Relive the memories of when you first got married and spent the night dancing and dazzling the guests.

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Show her You LOVE her All over Again!

This is the perfect time to re-ignite the spark of love! Whether you are renewing your love promise after decades of marriage or celebrating an anniversary, this is the perfect time to update or up-level her old marriage jewelry into a new piece she will love. Believe me, you will get major “points” and the love in her eyes will get brighter as you continue on your love journey.

Custom Design Is Easy
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You will receive multiple design sketches for you to choose from and/or tweak to your exact liking. A h