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Make that special day last a Lifetime

Wedding Jewelry

We know how intimidating and nerve-racking the engagement and wedding planning can be.

At Rejewelvenated Designs, you collaborate one on one with an expert GIA gemologist and designer to help guide you through these tough decisions so that your wedding jewelry will perfectly symbolize and show your special bonds of love!


We work with anything you have--from old jewelry to sourcing the stones for you.

You can either custom remake your engagement ring and wedding band from diamonds, gemstones and/or metal that you already have or inherited (and don't worry if you need extra stones, we will perfectly match what you have to complete your dream jewelry)


You can custom make your wedding set from scratch. We will source certified diamonds or gemstones for you to choose from and work with you to design the perfect setting design.

Getting Married?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting experiences in your life, so let’s create an engagement ring and wedding band to fit you like a “glass slipper”… perfect for only you!

Create your dream engagement ring from scratch by working with your personal GIA expert.

Or if you have heirloom jewelry, repurposing it can make this exciting event even more memorable. Our clients who have remade heirloom diamond jewelry for their own wedding set have said how very special their new ring is. Beyond a symbol of love with their partner, these rings now hold the memories of their loved ones everyday as they step into their new life.