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Turn your Old, Out-dated Jewelry into Custom Styles you WANT!

Bring in your unworn jewelry and repurpose it into an entirely new piece.

Repurposing jewelry is the art of utilizing existing gems and precious metals to create a totally new piece of jewelry. Turn an engagement ring into a cocktail ring, turn a necklace into earrings …whatever jewelry that you have can be repurposed into something that is unique and fits your style and personality. So bring in your broken or unworn gold and gems. Lets Rejewelvenate them to create a fresh new piece you will be excited to wear.


If you have jewelry that you no longer wear or just doesn’t fit your style then don’t let it go to waste. Now you can Rejewelvenate that gold and those gemstones with our repurposing services.

Why Pay Full Retail Prices? 

Rejewelvenate it and you can:

  • Save money by recycling what you already have into Something NEW & Modern

  • Customize a piece that fits YOUR style

  • Take something old and unworn & make it Wearable & Exciting

We’ll offer you a range of options, helping you envision the many ways that your jewelry can be redesigned into something a bit more you. Repurposing an old and unworn piece of jewelry can become an irreplaceable treasure that you can pass down for generations to come. Get a combination of artistry and expertise when you repurpose your jewelry with us. With jewelry repurposing, the possibilities are endless.

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