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"Wow! I NEED you!"

Updated: May 1, 2021

You too can have the same experience as Marie-Elizabeth; a wonderful woman that I met at E-women’s networking. I meet the most fabulous, strong and supportive women when I network! I was researching networking groups on Long Island and came across this women’s group and at the very first meeting, I was lucky enough to meet some lovely professional women. You know in networking, you each have a turn in talking about who you are and explaining your business. When it was my turn, I introduced myself as a GIA gemologist, designer, and appraiser that loves to help women increase the value of their jewelry and bring new excitement by repurposing pieces that they just don’t wear anymore. While I was talking, I saw Marie- Elizabeth’s eyes light up and after I was finished she yelled out “Wow, I need you!” She told me that she is divorced and has a few pieces from her marriage that she will never wear again as well as a piece that her mother gave her that just wasn’t her style. So after the networking meeting, we set up a consultation.

When the day came, I went to her fabulous apartment in Brooklyn where I cleaned her jewelry and talked about her jewelry style and what she preferred to have made; in her case it was rings and necklaces. I really got a chance to know her—her interests and hobbies—and it was really nice, relaxing and enjoyable! I especially loved how excited she was to start this process of changing this unwanted jewelry into pieces she will now cherish. I measured her ring sizes for the different fingers she wanted to adorn with her new rings, took pictures of the pieces I was going to repurpose and gave her design ideas I envisioned for this metamorphosis. Within a week, I emailed her the possible design renderings and cost of each piece for her approval. The cost to repurpose these pieces (some of them were from Tiffany) was far less than if she were to buy brand new pieces, plus she was getting the exact design for her unique style! One piece was more elaborate and needed a CAD (computer-aided design), so that one took a little longer to develop and show her. She chose the designs that she wanted to create and so we began the “rejewelvenating” process! She later stated that “the process of coming up with the new designs was easy & fun.”

Marie-Elizabeth's Unworn Jewelery

After approximately 4-5 weeks, when everything was completed, I delivered the finished jewelry and jewelry appraisals to her at her apartment. Now, I did not send her pictures of the finished pieces because I wanted it to be a surprise! When I opened each piece, she was overjoyed with the results and said “she was so grateful to have pieces to wear now, that I love!” She tried on each piece and we made sure everyhing was a perfect fit and that they were exactly what she wanted. I gave her the appraisals for the new pieces so that she can insure them as well as any left over diamonds.

Marie-Elizabeth's NEW Jewelry

Wait, left over diamonds?? What was she going to do with little diamonds in a parcel? She did not want those diamonds to go to waste and there was a ring design that she always wanted! With this special ring, we hand carved a wax for her to try on to make sure it was the length and thickness she wanted. So again, we started the process after her approvals and created the ring as well as a stunning dangle necklace which solved her “problem” of left-over diamonds (I wish we all had that problem!). When she received this new ring, she statedthat it was “her favorite of the four rings we had made for her!”

Two EXTRA Pieces!

A few days later, she emailed me that she had lunch with her friend who saw her NEW jewelry. Her friend had also been through a divorce and needed help with repurposing the jewelry from her unsuccessful marriage. I felt so grateful for her referral and to help her friend. Stay tuned for Stephanie’s story…

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