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Why is Sapphire so Precious?

It’s September! This is the month to celebrate the beautiful Birthstone Sapphire. I know it is one of your favorites…it is definitely mine!

We all can remember the iconic blue sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana, right? It was like the perfect fairy tale.

This moment in history really opened the door for sapphire to break traditions.

But, even before that momentous event, Sapphire was revered by royalty, not only for its beauty , but for all its amazing on to find out!

So let’s celebrate this September with the Beautiful Sapphire Birthstone and Discover why it is so Precious.

Sapphire Meaning

The Sapphire of heavenly blue will bring you protection, good fortune and spiritual insight by encouraging you to be more kind and act with wise judgment.

And since, the blue sapphire is regarded as the “Stone of Wisdom”, the powers of this royal colored gemstone includes:

1. The Yearn to Learn. Sapphire gives you the motivation to not only look to the world for wisdom, but to also find answers from your own knowledge and intuition

2. A Sharper Awareness. Sapphire helps you have more mental awareness and psychic activation in order to seek your truth so that you can proceed with what aligns with you.

3. Higher Self-Esteem. Sapphire gives you more confidence and focus to be your best self.

4. Protection. Sapphire protects you from deception by helping you see beneath the surface of appearances to reveal the underlying truth.

Color Meaning

Sapphire is a variety of the species Corundum and what is so Amazing is that it comes in every color of the rainbow, even colorless & black It also has two phenomenal varieties: the Star Sapphire and Color-Change Sapphire, so there is a large variety to choose from.

The only exception is Red. That variety of corundum is designated for Ruby. And both Sapphire and Ruby make up two of the three Top Precious Stones...the third being Emerald.

But basically, When you say the word sapphire by itself, most people will automatically think blue, since that is the color most commonly attributed to Sapphire and the most common color to see in jewelry.

Blue Sapphire

The blue encourages you to be more:

  • Trustworthy by motivating you to be sincere.

  • Focused by creating patience.

  • Responsible and respectful which will give people faith in you.

  • Motivated by helping you embrace order, structure, and self-discipline which gives you the strong foundation for accomplishing your goals and putting your ideas into action.

How can your life be Better by wearing Sapphire?

  1. It allows you to let go of any mental blockages or negative thoughts and clears the way for more calm and focus. This openness will bring you more beauty, joy & lightness into your life. It also helps you to restore balance within your body and be more attuned to your intuition.

  2. It helps to release feelings of depression and helps you to lighten your mood so that you can look at things in a more positive light.

  3. If you are a person that is easily influenced by the opinions of others, sapphire can help you be more confident and secure with your own opinion and knowledge so that you can do what is right for you.

  4. Sapphire is associated with the throat chakra, which helps you to communicate your truth to others and really open up emotionally. This is very helpful if you are a person that keeps emotions bottled up inside.

  5. It motivates you to stay on your spiritual path by giving you the self discipline you need to complete your goals or tasks that require extreme focus.

  6. It helps during times of change to keep a clear vision of where it is you want to go and how to get there.

Are you starting to see Why Sapphire is so Precious?

So now find out which Sapphire looks best on you and the Best ways to Wear Sapphire Jewelry.

Who does Sapphire look Best on?

Since Sapphire comes in every color of the rainbow (except Red, which is categorized as Ruby), there is a perfect color to suit Everyone.

So, more specifically, the blue sapphire ranges from a slightly greenish blue to pure blue to slightly violetish blue and is considered a cool color.

You can tell if you have a cool skin tone if:

· You will have purple or blue colored veins

· You have lighter hair (light brown, natural blonde).

· You have grey or blue eyes.

· Your skin tone is fair or pale, tends to have undertones of pink, red, or blue (you burn easily).

With Sapphire, you are Lucky...You CAN break tradition and get a sapphire color of your choice.

So what will flatter you if you are not a cool tone?

If your skin tone is on the warmer side, go for orange, yellow or pink.

You will definitely stand out from the crowd with these beautiful colored sapphires!

If you are more neutral, you can wear any shade, even blue.

How to wear Sapphire

Sapphire is a stone that looks great in yellow, white gold or Platinum and has no limit to the type of jewelry you like to wear—whether it is a ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc.

Sapphire is a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardess (one below diamond) and is durable to wear every day.

Sapphire in its many colors harnesses the powers of all the chakras to keep you balanced and at the top of your game.

The blue Sapphire is associated with the throat and the third eye chakra, so it will benefit you most to wear it in these areas.

The best way to do this is to wear sapphire jewelry around your neck as a choker necklace or as earrings.

Sapphire also has powers related to love and your heart. So to harness these benefits, you can wear rings on your left ring finger or longer necklaces/pendants that cover your heart.

And like the royals and many celebrities you can get a beautiful sapphire as an engagement ring!

So Sapphire is really a powerful stone and can benefit you the most by wearing it.

The Best ways to Add Sapphire Meaning & Benefits

1. Repurpose Sapphire Jewelry:

If you have some old jewelry with Sapphires around that you no longer wear, you can update into a new style or mix it with other old stones you may have.

Since many people have old sapphire jewelry, I have done many Sapphire Jewelry Transformations: Here are a few:

2. Custom Design:

If you LOVE Sapphire because it is your Birthstone or for the Color or for the Benefits, you can incorporate it into a design custom made, just for you!

Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring: Custom Sapphire Evil Eye Ring:

3. Family Jewelry:

The best part of birthstones is to commemorate your loved ones by creating a piece customized to the birth month of each family member. This can be in the form of rings, pendants, charms, or anything else you like.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and I hope to help you add some Sapphire into your life or help you with a Sapphire gift for others!

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