Why is Sapphire so Precious?

It’s September! This is the month to celebrate the beautiful Birthstone Sapphire. I know it is one of your favorites…it is definitely mine!

We all can remember the iconic blue sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana, right? It was like the perfect fairy tale.

This moment in history really opened the door for sapphire to break traditions.

But, even before that momentous event, Sapphire was revered by royalty, not only for its beauty , but for all its amazing powers...read on to find out!

So let’s celebrate this September with the Beautiful Sapphire Birthstone and Discover why it is so Precious.

Sapphire Meaning

The Sapphire of heavenly blue will bring you protection, good fortune and spiritual insight by encouraging you to be more kind and act with wise judgment.

And since, the blue sapphire is regarded as the “Stone of Wisdom”, the powers of this royal colored gemstone includes:

1. The Yearn to Learn. Sapphire gives you the motivation to not only look to the world for wisdom, but to also find answers from your own knowledge and intuition

2. A Sharper Awareness. Sapphire helps you have more mental awareness and psychic activation in order to seek your truth so that you can proceed with what aligns with you.