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Find out THE MAGIC from Recycling your Jewelry!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Do you re-use and recycle? In this environmentally conscience day, we are all in the habit of re-using and recycling to save and heal our environment and the planet so that nothing goes to waste. It is a great feeling to know that we are all part of the solution to give these recycled items a new and better purpose as well as to help decrease the clutter in our lives.

The same feeling and thought process applies to your jewelry. The diamonds and gemstones in your old jewelry DO NOT EXPIRE or have a shelf life. They were created by this magnificent planet hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of years ago! Yes, polishing and cutting styles have changed and improved, but those older styles add uniqueness, charm, and history when you re-use them to create a new piece. Yes, jewelry styles have evolved through the centuries where it depended on you “class” in society—if you were royalty, a religious leader, or a commoner; the country of origin you were from—Asian, African, European; and your age—young, mid-life or old. Each of these factors—status, culture and age—DICTATED and were represented by their own particular jewelry style. But today, we have FREEDOM to buy any jewelry we want, design any jewelry we want, and NOW we can CHANGE any piece to create EXACTLY what we want; something that represents our OWN INDIVIDUALITY!

In each of our own lifetime, our own financial status can change, maybe our marital status will change, and for sure, our personal style will change. Jewelry, especially diamonds, are a symbol of these milestones. You will always remember where you were, how it was presented, what occasion it was and the feelings you had when you received that piece of jewelry.

The feelings toward your jewelry and the stones in them are created by the piece and WHO gave it to you. If your relationship or marriage ends, you have a chance to heal any negative feelings you have toward the jewelry HE gave you. As Elizabeth Taylor says “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they are sure FUN when the SUN SHINES!” So why not re-use and recycle the stones from those pieces and CREATE your OWN fun, stylish and exciting story by creating (instead of buying) a brand new piece that you would not only love to wear, but will bring you positive feelings and a feeling of catharsis. Celebrate the new bold, beautiful and strong woman you are or have become. Celebrate your journey. Celebrate your new sun-filled life!

Rejewelvenated designs loves to help women who are READY TO SHED those unwanted feelings for their jewelry and BRING BACK the feeling of excitement that getting new jewelry can give; jewelry that has a NEW Story…. YOUR STORY! Not only is it an easy, fun, and exciting process, but you are saving money, increasing the value of your jewelry by 50% or more, and getting a one-of-a-kind piece created just for you! You go girl, you deserve it! It is TIME for you to SHINE!

Go to to sign up for a Free jewelry re-styling consultation and start the exciting process!

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