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What can I do with my OLD or BROKEN Jewelry?

You NEED to #Recycle & #Repurpose that #jewelry to give it a Fresh, New, Exciting look; you WANT it #Rejewelvenated!

Everyone has a jewelry box with that one #earring or broken #necklace or #bracelet. Or maybe you have old, out-of-date jewelry, or recently got #divorced or #inherited jewelry that you just wouldn't wear.

Here are 5 reasons to Repurpose that jewelry:

1. Create A New Design: Rejewelvenated Designs can go over your options of how to use the stones in your broken or unworn jewelry. We will work with you to create that perfect design that fits your style and create something that you will love to wear! Why have jewelry that is just collecting dust & #tarnishing; Give it a Fresh new Look & Wear it!

2. Pass Down to Loved Ones: Change that out-of-date jewelry into something more trendy that you may want to give to your daughter or son or any of your loved ones. They will have something to wear that reminds them of you and your #love!

3. Give as a Gift: Surprise your wife or loved one by creating a new #engagementring, #weddingband or other jewelry from her old one that may be out-dated and needs to be refreshed and trendy.

4. Save Money: Why buy it retail when you can save money & have a custom made design that suits you. By taking the diamonds and gemstones & re-using them in your new piece, you save a lot of money by not paying for new stones and you get the exact design you want at a much higher value.

5. GET MONEY: After the design is done and you have a beautiful new valuable piece of jewelry, what happens to the left over metal? Rejewelvenated Designs will give you money for that scrap metal, so that you save & get even more. As an added value, you will get a FREE #appraisal so that you know the exact weights and value of your new piece of jewelry!

WATCH this video & SEE how an UNWORN piece of jewelry is REJEWELVENATED into a brand NEW DESIGN!

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