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Tanzanite and the Power of THREE!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

It’s December, So this is the month to not only celebrate the Holidays, but ALL the December Birthdays with one of this month’s most beautiful Birthstone: Tanzanite!

This month of December actually has 3 beautiful blue birthstones:

  • Tanzanite

  • Blue zircon

  • Turquoise

But, I am going to focus on the most popular and powerful of the 3, which is Tanzanite.

Tanzanite gemstone is a stone of transformation and can benefit your life in many Positive ways.

It can help you:

  • Dissolve old patterns of addictive disease.

  • Turn around bad karma.

  • Move forward with optimism and inspiration.

  • Find your sense of direction and purpose.

  • Manifest your talents and use them for the highest good

The Winter holidays and the New Year are the perfect time for self reflection, letting go of things that don’t serve you positively and giving back to others so that each day is filled with Tanzanite’s high vibrations of joy and self actualization.

So Lets start livin’ those good vibrations with the POWER of THREE & find out more!

Tanzanite Colors & Meaning

Tanzanite is the second most popular blue gemstone to wear as jewelry. The first is blue Sapphire.

Its color ranges from blue to bluish purple to bluish violet.

So what makes Tanzanite’s color different from other gemstones?

One of the most intriguing facts about Tanzanite is that it is trichroic.

This means that when light enters the gemstone, it splits into 3 wavelengths to display three different colors within the same gemstone.

The three colors you can see, depending on the orientation of the crystal, are shades of blue, violet and red (which can sometimes look brownish).

This unique quality allows your Tanzanite to look slightly different in different lights and times of day!

In the daylight or fluorescent light, it can appear bluer .

Whereas at night, in incandescent light, you can see the red flashes throughout the stone.

The Power of THREE:

The 3 colors of Tanzanite—Violet, Blue and Indigo-- each correspond to the different energy centers or Chakras in your body.

And Each chakra of the body balances, stores and distributes the energy you need to have a well balanced and fulfilled life.

The THREE Colors of Tanzanite are associated with:

  • The Crown Chakra (Purple or White) which gives you the powers of spirituality, enlightenment and connection with Source Energy.

  • The Third Eye Chakra (Indigo/Very Dark Blues) which gives you the powers of intuition, dreams, psychic ability.

  • Throat Chakra (Blue) which gives you the powers of communication, speech, listening.

Violet & The Crown Chakra:

Violet Tanzanite takes on the darker colors of winter, the time just after the winter solstice.

The more violet the Tanzanite is, the more spiritual and self reflective you will become.

Indigo & The Third Eye:

Indigo is Tanzanite's deepest shade. It combines the intuition of the violet wavelength with the trust of the pure blue wavelength.

The Indigo colored Tanzanite brings:

  • Wisdom

  • Truth

  • Dignity and

  • Spiritual mastery.

Blue & The Throat Chakra:

The Blue of Tanzanite reflects the color energy of the sky which mirrors the beginning of life and emotion.

Tanzanite's Blue will:

  • Show your trustworthiness and sincerity.

  • Give you patience to get over negative experiences.

  • Increase your generosity toward others.

So if you want to be taken seriously for who you truly are and shine that light inside you as a positive beacon, then Tanzanite is for you!

How can your life be Better by wearing Tanzanite gemstone?

Tanzanite helps you to:

  • Generate an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotional issues without the need to dwell on them unnecessarily.

  • Feel more compassionate, loving and centered.

  • Overcome experiences of fear and crises, and helps in re-building trust.

  • Solve questions related to the meaning of life, and in come to terms with your true self.

  • Speak your heart's truth with more ease and makes the process consistently easier over time.

  • Trust your intuition and know that it is guiding you in the right direction no matter what other people may be telling you.

  • Connect with your inner Goddess; particularly the Goddess of Wisdom (Sophia) and the Goddess of War (Athena)

Who does Citrine look best on?

The Blue/Violet/Indigo shades of Tanzanite are all considered cool colors.

This means that technically, people with a cool complexion will look best wearing Tanzanite.

If you have paler skin, then the lighter shades of blue and violet are perfect for you.

For darker or warmer toned skin, go for a Tanzanite that is more vivid in color (not too dark and not too light) so that it really pops on your skin.

But if you ask me, there is a shade of blue and violet for everyone.

Think how good you look in your favorite blue jeans, then try and match that color.

How to Wear Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a stone that looks great set in silver, white gold or platinum.

And even though Tanzanite can be worn in any type of jewelry, when you wear Tanzanite in earrings, choker necklaces or head accessories, then you can benefit the most by harnessing the powers of the associated chakras.

Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.5-7, so it has no limit to the type of jewelry you like to wear—whether it is a ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc.—Tanzanite is durable to wear for all.

The Best ways to Add Citrine Meaning & Benefits into your Life

1. Repurpose Tanzanite Jewelry:

If you have some old jewelry with Tanzanite around that you no longer wear, you can update into a new style or mix it with other old stones you may have.

This Bypass ring was transformed from a pair of Tanzanite earrings and wedding band she no longer wore, especially after the divorce.

2. Custom Design:

If you LOVE Tanzanite because it is your Birthstone or for the Color or for the Benefits, you can incorporate it into a design custom made, just for you!

14K White Gold Diamond & 14k white Gold Diamond & Tanzanite Tanzanite Earrings Snowflake Pendant

3. Birthstone or Family Jewelry:

The best part of birthstones is to celebrate your birthday with Tanzanite.

14k white gold Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Or commemorate your loved ones by creating a piece customized to the birth month of each family member. This can be in the form of rings, pendants, charms, or anything else you like.

Silver & 14K yellow gold

Pendant with birthstones

So Put the Power of THREE into your life with all the beauty and benefits of Tanzanite!

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