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Seven Secrets Revealed about Selling your Jewelry!

Updated: May 1, 2021

I get it! Couped up in the house, maybe doing some decluttering or remodeling. Me too!

I know a lot of people, like me, have been finding jewelry that they just don't wear anymore and with times as they are, are wondering whether they should sell it or not.

As a GIA Gemologist, I have heard many horror stories and people asking who can you trust, how do I know I am not getting ripped off and many other doubting questions.

I want to reveal the selling secrets that only the trade knows so that you can be well-informed and make the right decision for you! And that decision may not be what you think!

That is why I want to share with you:

· Trade Secrets why it’s a Mistake to Sell Your Jewelry

· How much you are really getting & is it worth it

· Ways to Maximize your Jewelry Investment

What you will discover in this video will surprise you and my solutions will help you with this sometimes difficult decision!

How many of you have jewelry that you don’t wear; maybe it is sitting in a safe, the bank, or in your sock drawer?

How many thought of selling b/c you don’t know what else to do with it? You are wasting value that you could be wearing!

The #1 Mistake you can make is for you, The Consumer, to sell your jewelry back to a Retailer!

Why, you may ask...Here are the 7 Secrets Revealed about Selling your Jewelry:

1. The Retailer can buy jewelry wholesale, so to buy from you, the consumer, they are going to offer 30-70% off of WHOLESALE. That is a lot of your value lost!

2. Retailers are more interested in jewelry that is trendy and that they can resell quickly. They are in business to make money. Buying a piece that you don’t want anymore because it is worn or broken or not your style or inherited or from your breakup is just considered scrap to a Jeweler, no matter how sentimental it was to you. The Jeweler cannot resell these pieces or if they try, it may sit in the case and can take years for the Jeweler to make back the investment.

3. Just because you have a large colored stone or small diamonds in the jewelry doesn’t mean you get more money. You can actually get LESS money. If you have a gold or platinum piece with colored stones, the Jeweler is just interested in the weight of the metal. They will weigh the piece and SUBTRACT an estimated weight for the colored stone(s). If there are small diamonds, there is no subtraction, but there is no addition either. This is the same for most gold watches or pocket watches, you just get the weight of the metal, minus the movement & crystal.

4. Just because it is a DESIGNER, doesn’t mean you will get anywhere near what you paid for it, you may get $100-$150 more than the scrap price. If it is Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and you have the Authenticity papers, you will get slightly more than the metal weight, especially if it is a popular style and the Jeweler has a buyer in mind. If it is any other designer piece of jewelry, you will usually get the scrap price, period.

5. For gold or platinum, usually you will get back the price of that karat (10K,14K,18K) minus 25-35% per pennyweight (dwt.) on that given day. With today’s uncertain climate, metal prices have been going up and down, so the percentage off of the spot price for the day is more so that the jeweler can cover themselves with such large swings in metal prices.

6. Center diamonds is where a Retail Jeweler can really make a profit off of you, the Consumer. A center diamond is considered 0.50 ct or more. The price that you are offered depends on a few factors: Carat weight, Shape, Cut, Color, Clarity, Fluorescence, Certification. If it is a 1.00ct or higher in carat weight, round in shape, excellent cut, colorless, clean, none to faint fluorescence, GIA certified diamond you will get approximately 20% off of the LOWEST wholesale price of the same specifications. Today, an Oval shape will be in this category. Princess and Cushion are not as popular anymore, so you may get 30% off the lowest wholesale price. If you have a marquise or pear shape, which was so popular in the 70’s-90’s, you will get 50-75% off of the lowest wholesale price.

7. If you are selling a diamond that is NOT certified and your diamond is mounted, which almost all are, the Jeweler has to ESTIMATE the weight, the color, the clarity. Usually the estimate will fall to the lower side of the estimated range. If the color looks G to H & clarity looks SI1 to SI2, it will be bought as an H/SI2. If you have a saleable diamond, most of the time, the Jeweler will also subtract what it will cost them to get the stone certified so that it can be re-sold easier.

So What are your Best Options?

The value of Jewelry to a person in the jewelry business is intrinsic—metal, stones, labor, markup.

The value to you, the Consumer, is so much more; it is memories, symbolism, love, accomplishment, special occasion, beauty, plus how much you paid for it.

Why would you want to throw all of that alue away just because it is broken, old, out-of-date, not your style anymore or your relationship ended?

We live in the days where re-using and repurposing are a part of our everyday life. This applies to your Jewelry too!

This is WHY The #1 Solution for your old, broken, inherited, unworn, out-of-date jewelry and your jewelry from a breakup is to take the stones (that are of no value to the jeweler) and TRANSFORM them into a completely new, different, unique piece that you will love to wear.

You can give that piece a fresh new life and the intention, symbolism, and new meaning can be whatever you want it to be! Create a new beauty with new memories and a new story of its rebirth.

And if you really want money and not new jewelry, the second option is to sell it privately, either to someone you know or online platforms like ebay. You can bring it to your local jeweler or I can definitely help you to get an idea of what you have, then search ebay for similar items to get a fair price.

If it is something really special you may want to try auction houses.

At Rejewelvenated Designs, we believe in not only keeping the value that you have, but increasing it monetarily and aesthetically so that you can wear that treasure in whatever form that makes you excited & shine!

Book your free consultation now!

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