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Should I wear my Jewelry at the Beach or Pool?

The hazy, hot days of summer means lots of summer fun at the pool or beach where it's you, a shady Umbrella, a cold fruity Drink….and Jewelry???

Starts off dreamy, right. Sitting at the pool or the beach, relaxing with a drink, listening to the fun sounds of summer. Ahhhh….

But, then the big question is: Should you really be wearing your jewelry at the beach or pool?

Many people do and that's why I want to let you in on Seven Reasons Why you Shouldn’t!

1. Many gemstones should not be exposed to the sun and heat for long periods of time. Some can dry and crack and some colored gemstones can start to fade.

2. Loss, Loss, and Loss! You may be playing in the water and your ring can slip off, or an earring falls off, or if you have a prong loose and don’t know it, a stone can fall out in the sand or water & it will be nearly impossible to find.

3. Necklaces and bracelets may break, especially if they are thin and you are playing with your partner or kids.

4. The chemicals in a pool can cause erosion in gold & platinum and can be harmful for some gemstones. They can also tarnish your silver jewelry.

5. The sand from the beach can scratch metal or soft gemstones, which can cause dullness and also de-value gemstones.

6. Suntan lotions and sprays can get stuck into the crevices of your jewelry and form a film that may make your precious gems and metals look dull and dingy. Additionally, over time the chemical can erode a gemstone's polish and finish.

7. And last, nut not least…tan lines (not so tragic, but a consideration). I wear my fitbit & always forget to take it off. Then when I do, there is a huge tan line—Yuck!

So when I wear my bracelet on that wrist, it looks a little wierd. You definitely want to avoid that since you spend time on your style and coodinating everything, tan lines can really throw off your look.

So have lots of Summer fun…but avoid wearing your precious jewelry to the beach or pool so that you can have many years wearing them in a safe, protective, and fabulous way!

If you forget to take your jewelry off, watch this video on how to clean your jewelry like a pro! to make sure that any of the harmful chemicals or lotions are cleaned off properly RIGHT AWAY!

Also, learn how to store your jewelry safely.

If there was an unfortunate incident at the beach or pool where your jewelry was broken or you just want professional cleaning and polishing to make that dull jewelry sparkle, you can contact your jewelry concierge today!

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