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Positive Changes and the Reinvented You!

I created a new Facebook community for positive women, making positive changes for themselves to create a happier, more fulfilling life. When you surround yourself with optimistic and upbeat people, it creates a healthy environment to grow yourself and each other.

Are you a Reinvented woman who likes to recreate things to suit your unique style, taste, way of living to make it healthier, more fun, more exciting, more beautiful? Then join this fun circle of women to share and celebrate the things that you enjoy, but with a twist. The twist is how you do it different; how you reinvent it to bring you or others joy? Let’s build relationships and experience each other’s creativity and uniqueness to feel the power of positive alterations!

We all have many passions that bring us fulfillment or exhilaration. Maybe you started doing these things as a healing process to transform yourself or it was just something that interested you, but you wanted to tweak it to make it a better fit. Let’s share these hobbies or passions or processes; let’s talk about exercise, cooking, traveling, jewelry, photography, gratitude, style & design, decorating, etc. and how we modified these things to find blissful satisfaction. Every day will have a different theme for all of us to share, have fun, and help each other have a happier day!

(Starting Monday)- Share what You will change Today to make you happier

(Tuesday Tip)- Share a Reinvention to something that made you Happy

(Working Wednesday)- What Reinvention are you working on

(Throwback Thursday)- When I was a kid, I used to reinvent… (what used to make me happy)

(Happy Friday)- Share the Wins you had this week and what you are Grateful for...

(Support Saturday)- Share what you need Help with

(Sunday Funday) – Share any thoughts or pictures that make you happy!

Join us and feel the Power of Reinvention and Support from other Women just like YOU!

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