Our Unique Process of Handmade Custom Jewelry

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Can you remember the time before computers and the ALL encompassing digital world?

A lot of custom design today requires the help of Computer Aided Design which is a detailed three dimensional, accurate representation of your design that gets printed on a 3-d printer.

This technology is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to detailed design and in giving my clients the imagery they need to see their custom design come to life.

But sometimes you need a little more control, finesse, and expertise that only hand-made can give.

So, of course, I love the luxury of offering an amazing CAD design. But, as with anything that your heart, hands and soul touches, I am very proud that I also offer our unique process of handmade custom jewelry.

I invite you to come with me behind the scenes of this Gorgeous Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond jewelry set.

These pieces were custom made for a very talented woman entrepreneur who loves simple, bold and stylish designs.

She now wears them for her talks on stages and in her professional photo shoots to show the world her Powerful Personality!

My Unique Handmade Process

The Pendant

  1. My client, Marie, just inherited jewelry from her mother

  2. She wanted to make something special to wear & remember her by

  3. I came up with this bold, yet simple design that would suit her perfectly!

Watch the Handmade Process of Marie's New Favorite Pendant Necklace

  • After the handmade wax is approved, it gets cast in the metal of her choice. She wanted 14k rose gold.

  • The gold casting is then pre-polished and ready for setting

  • She wanted a brushed finish for a more elegant look and to add a 14k rose gold wheat chain.

Since this was her First ever rose gold piece, she wanted a ring to match so that she can wear them together.

The Ring

1. I met with Marie to talk about what she wanted to create for her matched set

2. I took her ring size

3. I created this design so that both pieces can stand out on their own as well as complement each other perfectly!

Watch the Handmade Process of Marie's Ring Unfold

She loved this ring so much, we made TWO more!

How to Create an Exact Replica

In order to duplicate this ring:

  • A silicone mold is made