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How to Tell if a Diamond is Real or a Fake Like A PRO!

Diamond is the Birthstone of April and maybe you are doing some spring cleaning. Maybe you are discovering some jewelry you have lost or haven't worn in a long time. How can you tell if the stones are real or fake? Recently, a friend called me up & found this big colorless stone. Jen, did I just find a diamond? I will walk you through the steps I told him to discover if you found something real or fake!

The average person doesn’t really think about diamonds too often or spend time looking at them, except when it is time to buy one. It is time to be prepared and learn all you need to know to be knowledgeable when shopping for something so personal & valuable. So how does the everyday person tell if a clear stone is a real diamond or a simulant?

Watch the video below which has all the tips and tricks to find out if your colorless stone is real or fake!

And, of course, if you need expert help, I am here for you! Just email me or book a consultation & I would be happy to advise you :)

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