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How to Repurpose your Jewelry with Ease!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

You may be wondering, what exactly is Repurposing?

Repurposing is a verb or action word meaning to adapt for use in a different purpose.

What does it mean for jewelry?

Repurposing is ideal for jewelry.

You can take out those diamonds and gemstones from your old jewelry and reuse them to create a new piece with a new purpose and a new meaning.

Why is Repurposing such a GREAT Option?

Maybe you have a single earring, jewelry that is no longer your style, jewelry that doesn’t fit anymore, heirloom pieces, and the list goes on

I started Rejewelvenated Designs because I believe your old jewelry pieces are treasures and a connection to your journey of life.

Your jewelry holds meaning, memories, love, symbolism, stories. You remember who gave it to you, the story of when you received it, how you used to wear it.

And, a lot of times, these treasures just sit in a dark box, never to be worn again.

Well, what can you do with this jewelry?

  • Do you just leave it wasting in the box or drawer?

  • Do you sell it?

  • Do you give it away?

I’m going to let you in on 3 important reasons why those other options won’t benefit you!

1. Keeping it hidden away. That is loss of value and just a sad waste.

2. Selling it. If your jewelry has gemstones or small diamonds, you get NO extra money for it & in some cases less for the gemstones. Most jewelry is just scrap to a jeweler…basically if you don’t want it, why should they??

3. Giving it away. If it is an old style, broken or worn, do you really think someone you care about would actually wear it, especially if it is something you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anymore?

Let me tell you, that the Value in jewelry is not only the gems, metal, and how much you paid.

The value is also the meaning and the feeling you get when you wear it.

So, how do you get that meaning back, that value, that feeling?

Well, I am here to help you shine the light (and sparkle) on this problem!

Your Answer to Repurposing with Ease

There are so many possibilities you can create from your old jewelry, so I know that it can be overwhelming to even think of what to create.

That is why I put together a collection of jewelry called theConnections Collection” that makes it even easier to transform your old, out of date, single earring, broken gemstone jewelry into a style you will love and will instantly become your favorite!

And by using your own meaningful diamonds and gemstones, you not only save a TON of money, but you also get money back from the left-over scrap gold! That’s a win-win!

When you transform a piece from my Connections Collection, you will feel

  • Empowered by creating a new piece that captures your unique style.

  • A Deep Connection with a loved one by designing a new jewelry story, but keeping the old memories.

  • The positive energy and intentions as you create a new story with your old gemstones.

How do YOU Repurpose your old Jewelry with ease?

  1. Look through your jewelry box for pieces with gemstones or diamonds that you just won't wear anymore.

  2. Browse the Connections Collection here

  3. Choose your favorite to customize and make it your own.

  4. Schedule your Free Consultation

  5. Receive Free design renderings to choose from

  6. Once approved, mail your pieces risk free.

  7. Get your new Customized Connections Jewelry

What have others created from the Connections Collection?

Inherited Ring From Mom The Entwined Ring

New Connections Entwined Ring with Mom's Diamonds, Love & Memories

Engagement Ring from Divorce, sat in a drawer for 8 Years! The Bond Ring in Rose Gold

Her NEW Ring that she NEVER wants to Take off!

Old Ring from Mom The Journey Earrings

Customized Ear dangles with her mom's Opals.

She told me she got so many compliments when she wore her new favorite earrings!

So if you too want to keep your Connections and Get new Trendy Jewelry, Now is the Perfect time!

With your Free Consultation, I will personally help guide you to create the unique style that is perfect for you.

To help you even more with knowing the style right for you I want to give you my Jewelry Style Guide: “Find Your Design Style”. Click below for your FREE Download.

Find Your Design Style Jewelry Guide
Download PDF • 32.78MB

This guide shows you step by step what styles and colors flatter your unique physical features the best!

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