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How to Make this NEW YEAR Sparkle!

You have been bombarded with tons of Happy New Year wishes

And of course I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy Healthy & SPARKLY New year!

Each Year we Celebrate the Hopes and Dreams we have for the year ahead and look back on everything you have been through the year before.

We do all of this at the Stroke of Midnight.

Most people believe that everything is going to magically change like in Cinderella just because it is a New Year.

You do realize that Each and Every Day ends and begins at midnight too.

You don’t have to wait for a whole New Year

Each day gives all of us a chance to:

  • Begin again

  • Live each day to the fullest

  • Start a new goal or keep working toward your ultimate goal

It doesn’t have to be a special day & you don’t have to wait until midnight to make your New Year Sparkle!

The magic is you and when you are ready to bring your dreams to reality.

Everyone asks what your word of the Year is.

What's yours?

I decided mine is going to be Sparkle!!


It brings me such joy to see the Sparkle in my clients eyes when they receive their new piece of Jewelry whether it is a

  • Jewelry Transformation

  • Custom Design

  • an Engagement Ring

  • Other Diamond or Gemstone Jewelry

How am I going to Help YOU Sparkle MORE this NEW YEAR?

I am teaming up with the BEST diamond dealers to bring you the best quality at the best prices for all of your diamond needs!

The most popular diamond jewelry right now are Diamond Ear Studs.

This is mainly because everyone is wearing masks again and ear studs don’t get caught up in the elastic like hoops do.

The next popular diamond jewelry is a Diamond Tennis Bracelets!

No mask excuse for this one, it is just simple, classic and adds that beautiful sparkle. This is a must for every woman’s jewelry collection!

And a diamond tradition that never leaves popularity is the Diamond Engagement Ring!

This piece of diamond jewelry symbolizes the everlasting love and connection you have for your perfect partner in life.

From my experience as a former GIA instructor and senior gemologist at a reputable diamond grading lab, I know how to help you get the perfect diamond and create the perfect engagement ring to honor this very special occasion.

I Want to make it Easy for you to Save and Sparkle this Year! (and every day)

Since I am your Jewelry Concierge, I work with you one on one to choose:

  • The perfect diamond for your jewelry

  • The perfect price since I am also the manufacturer there are no designer brand mark-ups.

  • The perfect design to set your diamonds into

And as a Bonus, every diamond piece comes with an EXPERT Appraisal!

Are you Ready to create some Diamond Magic and Make the NEW YEAR Sparkle?

Schedule your FREE Consultation now!

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