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How to Heal & Stay Happy through Jewelry

Let’s Face it, you do not need jewelry to Live, but you do need jewelry to evoke the deepest of life’s emotions; the feeling of Celebration, of Pride, of Beauty, of Sentiment, of Love, of Reminiscence. What would your life be without these joyful feelings and reminders of happiness?

I don’t want these feelings to ever diminish, disappear or turn negative. I believe that since we only have One Life to Live, that we need to make everyday as happy as we can! Why get yourself all worked up and bothered or fill your heart with hate or negative feelings? How will that help you? What impact will that have on your mind, your health, your life? Hint: Not a Good or Helpful one!

You are allowed to feel your feelings, but then really think about it and think about how you can move on and heal yourself. The main way is to take charge and solve the issue that is causing these negative feelings. As I said before, you have one life, why live it in misery and pain. You need to get into a positive mindset and know that you deserve happiness & Take THE ACTION!

The other TRUTH is that people change, but most importantly YOU change—your likes, your dislikes, your style, your routine, what is important to you. And as we get older, we find that we need to make our self happy, that we are worthy, that we work hard and we deserve it!

So what does this have to do with jewelry and how will my jewelry help me heal and stay happy? We all acquire jewelry through many different ways—as a gift, through marriage, we bought for our self, someone has passed & we inherited it. At the first moment of receiving this jewelry, all of those feelings that I mentioned before flood your heart—celebration, pride, beauty, sentiment, love, reminiscence, and more. But what happens years later when that jewelry is forgotten, worn or broken, reminiscent of a broken marriage or relationship, no longer your style, makes you feel sad or mad?

The way to heal these negative feelings is to repurpose that jewelry and give it a fresh new life. If it makes you feel sad or mad, change it into something you always wanted that makes you feel joy & happiness. If it is not your style anymore, repurpose it into the taste and style you have now. If it is broken, either fix it or change it into something you will love to wear everyday. If you inherited it from a loved one, but don’t love the piece, repurpose it to keep that memory alive and close to your heart.

Repurposing old or unloved jewelry will bring back the excitement of getting a new piece of jewelry, keep the positive memories alive, change any negative feelings into a celebration of who you are today and the journey you have taken to get here. Repurposed jewelry celebrates your positive changes and elevates you to those feelings of happiness & joy!

I would love to help you refresh your jewelry & give it a new life; a life that celebrates yours! Check out the before & after pictures as well as the testimonials from others that are so thrilled that they repurposed their jewelry into something that they now love & makes them happy! Book your free jewelry consultation An hour with us will give you a lifetime of happiness!

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