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How to Get YOUR PERFECT Engagement Ring

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Getting engaged…

This is One of the most meaningful occasions that celebrates your love for another person who is your perfect fit.

What can Possibly make this moment even more meaningful AND get your Perfect Engagement Ring?

I’m glad you asked… it is by Transforming your mother’s or grandmother’s old engagement ring or sentimental jewelry into a new engagement ring for yourself.

I just recently met Emily; a young woman with jewelry treasures from her mother and grandmother that she thought would be so special to include in her new journey in life.

Emily booked a Zoom consultation and we spoke about what she had, how special it was to her, and some ideas of what she wanted to create.

After meeting and learning more about Emily on our call, I really got a good feel of what her style is and what would be the perfect design for her.

Excited to show Emily my ideas, we scheduled a time to meet in person.

We met at a quaint coffee shop in her town and sat at a table in the warm sunshine. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to talk about creating your new future dream ring!

Her mom also met with us since one of the rings was hers and she wanted to help her daughter with this important decision. Moms are good like that, am I right?

At the Meeting:

  1. I first examined the jewelry she wanted to use to make sure the stones were real, that they were in good condition and to get approximate stone sizes.

  2. I took Emily’s ring size to make sure the engagement ring and wedding band would fit perfectly.

  3. Showed her the design concept I had in mind and as soon as she saw it, she said, that it was so perfect for her.

  4. I took a picture of what I was taking and sent it to her phone as a confirmation.

  5. Then we had a little more friendly chatter and she left super excited to get an amazing new meaningful engagement ring & matching wedding band.

When I got Home:

  1. I have my diamond setter carefully remove all of the stones and clean them.

  2. Then I measure each one.

  3. I make sure they are ok to use in the new design and I have enough of each size that I need.

  4. I create a photoshop rendering of what the new ring and matching band will look like using as many of her stones as possible.

  5. As soon as I finish, I send Emily an email of the rendering and estimates for approval.

So excited and happy, she approved to proceed in white gold.

For this type of Custom Transformation

  1. A more exact Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is rendered and sent to you for final approval and exact cost. (FYI, the left-over scrap metal value is then deducted from this cost)

  2. The approved CAD is sent to get cast in 14k white gold.

  3. The castings are pre-polished, stones are set, and both rings are polished and rhodiumed for a high shine.

  4. Now that the rings are complete, I take pictures and evaluate the pieces for your complimentary Insurance Appraisal.

  5. I send the client the photo and either schedule a delivery meeting or mail the items.

So now that you walked through Emily's Jewelry Transformation Journey

Here is Emily's reaction to step 5 where I sent her a photo of her finished rings:

Then we scheduled a time to hand deliver the rings and her complimentary appraisals so that she knows the value and can easily protect her new meaningful pieces.

She had a sneaking suspicion that her “surprise” bridal shower was that weekend, so I made sure to give it to her that Friday so that she can wear & show off her new rings.

I went to her house and met Emily and her mom for the big reveal!

Tears and smiles were all I saw when she put them on.

She thanked me and her mom for bringing this memorable moment into reality.

And this is what Emily had to say about her Meaningful Jewelry Transformation:

I really love the personal touch I have with my clients during this process of creating an Amazing Transformation that just means so much. It is TRULY an experience that you will remember fondly forever!

Ready to create Your Perfect Engagement Ring?

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