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How to get the BEST Value from Divorced Jewelry

Have you moved on from your divorce, but you still have your precious diamonds just laying in a Ziploc baggie?

That jewelry has NO VALUE if it is not being worn!

And you don't get as much as you think selling it.

You deserve to get the MOST VALUE possible! So how do you get it?

You will know exactly how after you read this story.

How we met

I met Christina at my very first networking meeting for Adrian’s network in Long Island, NY.

She was very well known to the group and my first impression was that she was a strong, confident, outgoing, likeable woman.

After the meeting, she asked if we could meet up for coffee.

She said that she had a moms meetup group and she wanted me to speak about helping them transform their old jewelry. Of course I said “yes!”

Our Consultation

We set up to meet that Friday at a Starbucks close to both of us.

We ordered some coffee and sat down to chat.

She started telling me more about herself and I learned that she was divorced for a few years, had children and was an entrepreneur with her own State Farm Insurance company.

Then she proceeded to take a Ziploc baggie out of her purse that contained jewelry from her marriage.

She said she was in happy relationship now and after she heard that I transform jewelry, she wanted to have her unworn jewelry from her marriage made into pieces she can wear again & love.

Since she is very busy mom, I knew that her style needed to be simple.

She told me she wanted a new ring and for the wedding band, I told her half hoops would look amazing (she agreed).

So I drew up some quick designs while we were sitting there just to get an idea if we were on the same page.

The Process

After our meeting and getting to know Christina better, I had some style ideas that I thought would be perfect for her.

I drew out a few ring renderings for her to choose from.

And showed her what the half hoops from her braided wedding band would look like.

I sent her the renderings which she really liked, but she decided she would rather have a simple pendant instead.

And of course it was my pleasure to create whatever she wanted!

When you repurpose and make a custom design, you are the boss and I strive to bring happiness and excitement for my clients.

Within 2 weeks, her pieces were complete.

The Reveal

I contacted her and we made arrangements for me to come to her house to deliver her new beautiful jewelry and the professional appraisals that come with each Rejewelvenated Designs jewelry transformation.

It was a beautiful Saturday and everyone was home.

The adults were chatting and the kids were doing yoga in the living room—I was amazed and impressed by this because they were all very young.

She welcomed me in and we chatted for a while.

Now for the big reveal!

She opened the boxes and she absolutely loved them!

She said that they look so much better in person and was way more than she expected.

Christina put the earrings on right away & saw how perfect they were for her.

Then she tried the pendant & her smile was so big that it made me smile big too.

When my client’s eyes open that wide and they smile that big, it is the best reward I can think of.

The Value

For a few hundred dollars, Christina can finally wear and love her old jewelry the way that she wants instead of thousands of dollars wasted just sitting in a ziploc baggie.

Sandwich bags were made to store food, not jewelry!


You too can customize your valuable jewelry from a divorce.

It's really fun, exciting and easy! Just click the button below & set up a time to chat. I look forward to talking with you!


Here are a few other designs from divorced jewelry:

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