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How to get a Trick and Treat

Ok, so I am not talking about a shady trick, I am talking about something really magical and when you see it, you will ask…”How’d she do that?”

A magician never reveals her tricks, but, since I am an honest jewelry concierge, I am going to reveal how the magic was done and what makes it such a special TREAT.

The Pledge:

Setup for the Trick:

Denise booked a free consultation by searching for jewelry redesign on Google on seeing my website.

Before our zoom call, we connected on Facebook and she discovered something about me and our connection that I didn’t know.

The Planning:

At the start of our Zoom Consultation, Denise asked me what high school I went to, so I thought maybe she was a student that I knew. Then she asked who my principal was, so I told her and she said “That was my father!”

So right there, we felt an instant connection.

After we reminisced a little, she told me that her mother had passed too.

She showed me the jewelry her mother left to her. She said they were way too elaborate and she would never wear them as they were.

We talked more about what she wanted to have made and what the possibilities were.

After the call, she sent me pictures of styles she liked for inspiration.

I started right away creating designs for her to choose from. She really liked one, but had some questions.

So, we hopped on another zoom call so that I can tweak the design and she can instantly see the changes.

“Oh, my God, Jennifer, that is the design” she said.

Since she lived not too far by, we scheduled to meet in person so that I can pick up the pieces and get her ring sized.

She told me when I was there that she had gone to jewelry stores and they had such ordinary sapphire and diamond rings and when she showed a salesperson the necklace and what she wanted, the saleswoman said it couldn’t be done.

I told her, it can absolutely be done & it is going to be amazing!

Before I left, she also showed me pictures of her mom and dad and what made this project so special.

And when I went home, I shared this picture with her.

The Turn:

These are the steps to my magic trick!

Now that she approved the design:

  • I pull out some stones to get accurate measurements.

  • I have a CAD created to make sure everything is perfect and the way she wants it.

  • I show her the CAD pictures from all angles since every section was a different pattern.

  • Her excitement intensified seeing that her mother’s necklace and rings will become an amazing ring.

  • The piece was cast in 14k white gold.

  • After I received the casting, I went to her house to make sure it fit her perfectly before the stones are set.

Ok, Perfect!

She put it on and was in disbelief. She said “This really exceeded my expectations!”

She didn’t want to take it off and did so reluctantly.

Then she started thinking about the extra sections and wanted to make some special holiday gifts for her daughter and nieces using pieces of

her mother’s necklace.

She thought her ring wouldn’t be ready until Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The Prestige:

This is the treat part of this trick.

Surprise, Surprise!

A week later everything was completed and I texted her a picture. She was so blown away by how beautiful and meaningful this ring turned out.

She didn’t want to wait and we scheduled

to meet the next day.

I had a gold bag ready with her appraisal and all of her treats inside.

She opened the box with the ring in it first and her eyes light up & her mouth opened in awe.

She slipped it in and instantly you knew that this des

ign was magically created to suit her and was always meant to be on her hands.

She was elated that she can wear a piece of her mother everyday!

Plus she was excited to be able to share her mother's memory with her nieces and daughter.

She had ear studs & 2 pendants made And matching ear dangles as another treat.

And a bonus treat, that is NO TRICK, she paid less than $2000 for ALL 5 pieces of sapphire and diamond jewelry.

Want to see what kind of magical trick I can do with your old pieces so that you can get an Amazing Treat too? Book a Free Consultation.

These jewelry transformations are really so special to not only the person receiving the new jewelry, but to me too.

I feel so lucky that I get the privilege to be part of something so meaningful that will be remembered and treasured for another lifetime!

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