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How to find your PERFECT Ring Size

Salt, Summer, PMS…what do all of these things mean for your Ring Shopping?

It means that rings will be too tight when you put them on.

And you definitely want to avoid getting your finger sized during these times.

This very simple step of ring sizing is so important for many different reasons that you may not even be aware of. That is why I want to let you in on all of the factors that need to be considered in order to get your perfect ring size.

Why is it important to get the correct finger size and fit?

  • Comfort. You don’t want your ring to feel too tight causing it to start cutting off your circulation. You also don't want your ring to be too loose where it will easily fall off.

  • Avoid Damage. If your ring is too big, then there is room enough for it to misshapen into an oval & look like a football. This happens because you use your hands to hold on, carry things, and whatever else life throws at you and the etra room allows the metal to bend slightly. Why is this a problem? Well, not only will this cause a distorted ring, but the metal can start to crack AND if there are stones, it will loosen the prongs which causes them to fall out.

  • Spinning. When your ring is too loose, it can spin on your finger which can not only be annoying, but also cause wear in more places. This is especially true for an eternity band where the stones go all the way around because more stones are likely to get chipped. Another problem with spinning is that if you wear a diamond band next to your engagement ring, when they keep moving, they will wear the side of the metal more quickly.

So basically, you want your ring sized just right to avoid damage, cracks, breakage and loss!

Here are the main Things that Affect your Finger's Ring Size

  • Weather. If it is too hot, your fingers swell from the heat giving an inaccurate larger size. If it is too cold, your fingers are likely to constrict and become slightly narrower giving an inaccurate smaller size.

  • Food. Too much salt will make your body retain water, even in your fingers.

  • Your monthly period. For women, your fingers can swell during this time and become slightly larger. This usually happens during pregnancy as well.

  • Width of the ring. The more rings you have on one finger or the wider the ring, the size needs to be slightly larger (usually approx. ½ a size up) for it to fit comfortably.

  • Dominant hand. You need to know which hand you will wear your ring on because your dominant hand is usually larger

Here are your Tips for Getting Sized

Try and get your ring sized when your hands are room temperature and a day where you haven’t eaten anything overly salty.

You need the sizer to go over the knuckle of course and fit comfortable at the base of your finger.

When you take off the sizer, there should be a little difficulty—you need to wiggle it a little.

If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, you will need to get a sizing accessory, like gold balls on the bottom or a “fingermate” (a shank that opens & closes to go over a very large knuckle) depending on your particular case.

Your jewelry concierge will help you with getting this very important, but sometimes overlooked detail perfect for you!


The BEST way to get a stuck ring off is WINDEX! Try it, it works :)

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