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Cut vs Shape:


The cut refers to the angles, proportions, symmetry and facet shape and placement.

There are two types of Diamond Cutting Styles:

  • Brilliant Cut: This has triangular and kite shaped facets that gives a diamond more sparkle and dispersion (rainbow colors)

  • Step Cut: This style uses rectangular and trapezoidal facets that gives a diamond more brilliance (reflected white light)


The shape refers to the outline of the stone.

The round brilliant is the most symmetrical shape with an average diameter.

In the diamond industry, there have been studies to calculate the "Ideal cut" that will display the most optimal balance of brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.

Any other shape is considered a fancy cut diamond and is measured in length to width.

For fancy cuts, there are preferred length to width ratios, but at the end, it is your preference that counts!

How to Choose the Right Shape for you:

The diamond for your engagement ring is a blend of personal preference, style, and way of life.

The Round Brilliant Cut:

The most popular stone cut is the round brilliant cut, which is the safest pick for a classic engagement ring or if you're planning to surprise your partner with an engagement ring.

Round brilliant cuts have the most brightness and sparkle; this is what most people envision for their engagement ring.

They are also a great choice for those with active lifestyles and look perfect on most finger types.

Fancy Brilliant Cuts:

These are also brilliant cuts, but are usually less brilliant

  • Princess- Ideally square in shape, perfect for long fingers

  • Cushion- Can be square or rectangular, good for active lifestyle

  • Radiant- Can be square or rectangular and can have a lot of sparkle from its "crushed ice" look

  • Oval- Gives a large look and great active types and those with shorter or wider fingers

  • Marquise- Gives a large look and gives an elongated look to short or wide fingers

  • Pear- Gives a large look and gives an elongated look to short or wide fingers

  • Heart- The ideal shape for is equal length and width and looks good on long fingers

These fancy cuts go in and out of popularity, so you need to consider your partner’s taste and style.

At the current time (2022) Oval is still holding on to its high popularity and demand.

Fancy Step Cuts:

The attractiveness of Emerald and Asscher cuts differ.

  • Emerald- Rectangular is shape which gives a large look and are great for short or wide fingers

  • Asscher- Ideally square in shape and great for long fingers

With these cuts the emphasis is on clarity and color rather than ideal dispersion.

The clarity is most important because with the wide facets, it is like a large window that you can see into. Therefore, you will notice inclusions easier.

For Active Women:

Aside from personal preference, lifestyle is also a factor to consider.

If you're an active person, a smooth curved form with no points is your best bet.

They are less likely to snag and bump during daily physical activities than a cut with points.

If you work with your hands or are hard on your jewelry than round, oval, or cushion cuts are best for you.

If you are active and prefer a cut with points, just make sure it is set in a safe way.

Your Personal Diamond and Ring Concierge:

As an expert GIA Diamond Gemologist and Custom Designer, I can help guide you in choosing the Perfect Diamond that fits you and your style as well as creating the Perfect mounting.

Together creating the DREAM ring to LOVE for a long time to come!

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