How to Choose a Diamond Size & Shape Like A PRO!

Does size matter? Why is the size of the diamond so important?

Well, first it contributes to its rarity which directly affects the price & the value. Why else? Because Size is something that you see, you don’t need a loupe or any fancy equipment, it is something you definitely notice, something that can be measured and weighed. However, size and shape preferences are very personal and should be addressed when you are shopping for a diamond.

Watch the video below which will reveal the secret tips and tricks about getting the best diamond size at the best value for you and what sizes and shapes matter most in the trade.

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The modern carat system started with the carob seed. Early gem traders used the small, uniform seeds as counterweights in their balance scales. The carat is the same gram weight in every corner of the world, so it was something that was universally understood. The abbreviation for carat weight is ct. Don’t get it confused with Karat with a K is for metal fineness, like 14kt.

One carat of diamond is equal to 100 points. Anything less than 1.00ct is referred to in points, like .25 ct is 25 points or you can say a quarter carat. How do we get the precise carat weight. To get the precise weight of a diamond it is placed on an electronic scale that goes to the thousandths decimal, if the last number is a 9, you round up. The carat weight is always expressed to the hundredth, so 1.039ct= 1.04ct.

If you have a mounted stone, the weight is always approximate and is calculated in so far as the mounting allows. In some mountings you cannot get the exact measurement.