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How to Care for Your Emerald Jewelry Like a Pro!

Emeralds are one of the three top Precious Gemstones and can be quite Valuable! That is why you need to know my Tips and Tricks to Care for your Emerald Jewelry like a order to avoid this:

According to studies, almost 90% of emeralds are fracture filled to improve the look of the stone and almost all emeralds are oiled to improve the color. Most commercial jewelry cleaners are too harsh to be used safely on your emerald jewelry. They can be too abrasive and scratch the surface of the stone. They can also affect the oils and fillers in the emerald, causing the stone to weaken.

This means that you will want to avoid cleaning with any harsh chemicals, ultrasonic vibrations, or hot steam.

So how do you clean your emerald jewelry?

Use warm, soapy water coupled with gentle scrubbing for the safest and most effective way to clean your emeralds.

All you need is:

  • Dish soap,

  • A soft toothbrush.

  • Warm water.

Make sure to brush around the prongs and underneath the stone to remove skin oils and dirt, then rinse under warm water.

1. Avoid harsh household chemicals and detergents. So if you are doing any kind of activities, like swimming, scrubbing the dishes, mopping, putting on perfume, cosmetic, etc, then I would highly recommend to taking off your emerald jewelry first.

These chemicals can damage the surface of the stone and add to the build-up of grime.

2. Avoid Harsh Blows. If you are physical with your hands, be extra cautious wearing your emerald rings or take them off all together. Emerald is slightly softer and usually have more surface reaching inclusions than sapphire and ruby, so they need extra care.

3. Avoid high heat. Emeralds can get damaged by heat, which can cause any fillers in the stone to change in appearance or weaken the stone. Fractures can also worsen or extend further by the use of heat.

4. Avoid storing next to harder stones. When you put your emerald jewelry away for the night, keep it separate from your diamond jewelry or other jewelry that can scratch or damage your emerald. I recommend to keep it in a separate pouch.

How to Choose a Setting for your Emerald

Emeralds need to be protected when you wear them in jewelry, especially for rings and bracelets; areas that can usually be bumped.

1. If you love prong settings then make sure there is a “V” tip prong covering if your stone has a point or a corner (marquise, pear, heart, square, emerald shapes). The extra metal will protect these corners from chipping.

2. Put a buffer, like a diamond halo around a center emerald.

3. The Best protection is a bezel setting where the metal goes all around the stone so there is no area that can be hit or chipped.

I hope this guide on how to care for you Emerald Jewelry like a Pro can help you keep your Emeralds safe!

However, if it's too late & you have broken Emerald jewelry, I can help you transform it into something new and exciting! Just like I did for Linda:

"I had this necklace for a long time and the emerald chipped. I love emeralds, but I didn't love the style of my old necklace. I was nervous about getting a new emerald & it chipping again. Jennifer came up this beautiful design that used my old diamonds and chain and it really "WOWed"! She told me that the bezel will protect it & not to worry. I love the new emerald necklace so much and wear it all the time without worry."

Book your Free Rejewelvenate it Discovery Call & get results like Linda!



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