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How to BEAT the Winter Blues

Does the cold and darkness of winter bum you out?

It has been proven by psychologists that people are more prone to depression in the winter months due to:

  • Lack of Sunlight.

  • Staying in more because it is too cold or trapped by snow.

  • Boredom causing you to be lazy and possibly eat more.

You just want to stay inside and curl up with your furry friend watching Netflix and drinking hot cocoa.

I don’t blame you!

Of course, if this becomes a daily routine. you can easily get into a rut and can become very unhealthy.

Here are some of my tips that I like to do to boost my mood and bring you happiness into my blah days.

Get Dressed up

Since the pandemic, a lot of us may be still working at home and wearing sweatpants or even comfy pajamas.

I know for me, if I look drab or blah, it makes me feel blah.

And conversely, if you Look good, you feel good, right?

Try Looking stylish with your favorite outfit and compliment it with your favorite jewelry.

Psychologically, Jewelry boosts self-esteem and makes you feel special as well as successful.

Jewelry is actually the best commodity to boost your pleasure senses.

Go Out and Socialize

Leaving the same old, same old environment for a more atmospheric location will instantly lift your mood.

When you have a plan with family or friends, it gives you something to look forward to and instantly builds excitement.

You will feel happy that you are out, having fun, good conversation, and maybe with some added uplifting entertainment or good food.

Go for Comedy

I love to listen to the comedy channels on Sirius in my car. It seems to make the drive more fun and pass the time a lot faster.

So if you see me laughing alone in my car…that is why!

You can also take a break (if you are working at home) and watch a comedy show, movie or stand-up special on TV.

Or, you can even make plans to go out to a live comedy show.

After I watch some of the depressing news in the morning, I like to switch to Netflix and watch a little Seinfeld while I am eating my breakfast.

I didn’t realize how many episodes I never saw.

Laughter is the best medicine because you can't feel anxious, angry, or sad when you're laughing.

Laughter also helps you relax, recharge and I hear it burns calories too 😊.

Create a Happy Space

Create a happy space in your home that is just for you. A space that makes you feel joy and stress-free.

You can paint it an uplifting color like yellow or violet or a calming color like light blue or green.

If it is too much to paint, get a colorful rug or paintings that make you smile to surround yourself with.

Other things you can put in your happy space are colorful flowers or gemstone crystals like citrine or amethyst to put all sorts of positive energy into your area.

Groove to Music

Music moves your body and your soul.

It helps boost your happiness and reduce anxiety instantly.

Think of your favorite song that pulls you out of your seat and makes you get on the dance floor. Or you hear it on the radio and you say…”That’s my Jam!”

You put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care, am I right?

Well, if not, at least you move something on your body and maybe start to sing along.

No one can sing with a frown on their face!

So, Put on your favorite playlist and dance around.

If you alone, go crazy (no one is watching…unless you have nosey neighbors 😊).

If you have kids, make it a fun break time.

You can also Plug into music to keep you company and give you motivation for a nice walk or a pumped up workout.

The endorphins you get from moving your body will instantly lift your spirit and put you in a happy mood.


So of course, I can help you lift your mood with the first tip where jewelry is involved.

You can either follow the Winter Blue Jewelry Trend with earrings like these:

Or brighten up your look with warmer colors with jewelry like this:

If you want to make your own happy piece like I recently made for a client that wanted to brighten her

winter blues with the golden color of citrine to create a celestial ring customized just for her, then book your Free Consultation.

Then whenever you look at it, it will instantly light you up and of course add a beautiful sparkle to your look.

The rest is up to you! Stay HAPPY and Healthy this and every winter :)

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