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How do you SAFELY TRAVEL with jewelry?

You LOVE to wear your jewelry at all times, I get it!

But think of how sad you would be if anything were to happen to your beloved jewelry when you travel.

Especially for those of you that just got married and you're going on your exotic honeymoon.

I know, you love wearing your beautiful new wedding jewelry; it is so new and means so much!

Or maybe you inherited some gorgeous jewelry with a lot of sentiment.

What can possibly happen, you may ask.

Well, Your Jewelry can possibly:

  • Get Lost

  • Get Stolen

  • Get Damaged

This is my school of thought, let me know if you agree.

Most places that I travel to for vacation, I know that I will never see the people there ever again, so who am I showing off to?

Or I am doing activities like hiking, ziplining, swimming, etc. that I wouldn’t want to damage my jewelry, so why risk bringing it at all?

I love my jewelry, it is very special to me. I love wearing it because of its meaning and how it makes me feel. So for me, it is not worth the risks when I travel and I opt to leave it at home.

But, what should you do if You DO want to have a little bling with you when you travel?

1. Make sure it is Properly Insured

You will want to get a detailed expert jewelry insurance appraisal with pictures, like we offer at Rejewelvenated Designs. Your appraisal concierge at Rejewelvenated Designs not only will give you a hard copy for yourself, but also send you a digital .pdf copy that you can easily send to your insurance company.

It is very important that you get your appraisal into your insurance company Before your vacation.

I recommend Jeweler’s Mutual which is exclusive to jewelry and watches. It will cover loss, stolen, and damage internationally, so you will not need to worry if you are going out of the country.

2. Keep it Close at ALL Times

You will want to either wear your jewelry or keep it secure in your carry-on.

You never want to leave your jewelry in your suitcase that will be checked or just lying in your hotel room.

  • Checked baggage is handled by many people and can be an easy target since we are not allowed to put locks on our luggage anymore.

  • When you book a hotel, make sure it has a safe in your room so that if you are not wearing your jewelry, you can keep it secure. You do not want to leave it in your luggage since hotel staff can easily enter your room.


After my grandmother passed, my grandfather decided to leave me all of my grandmother's jewelry (which was a lot). In order to get the jewelry, I needed to travel to Florida where he was. I organized it and made sure each piece was insured properly before I left. I was still very nervous to travel with so much jewelry, but I put it in my backpack, kept it close & it was fine 😊


3. Get Travel Jewelry

Travel jewelry can either be replicas of your favorite pieces or costume jewelry that you enjoy wearing.

Personally, I wouldn’t bring my favorite, sentimental or most expensive jewelry with me on a trip. You never want to be too flashy when you travel because it will make you a target for theft.

  • So having a replica made, will give you that same feeling as the original and you won't feel "naked" since you have something to wear and it looks just like your favorite everyday jewelry.

  • If you bring costume jewelry or silver with CZ (cubic zirconia) to wear, then you can easiy dress up your outfits with inexpensive bling.

With this option, if there is a loss, then it won’t be too upsetting or have a big dent in your pocketbook.

Your jewelry concierge at Rejewelvenated Designs can help you custom make a replica or help get you costume jewelry!


I once gave an estate piece of jewelry to my mom for a “just because” present. She really loved it and took it with her on a trip to Spain. She used the safe in her room for her important items—passport, money, jewelry, etc.

However, she accidentally left it in the safe, returning home unknowingly without it. When she called the hotel, they claimed it wasn’t there. It was quite upsetting for both of us.

As a solution for my dear mom, I bought her a bunch of travel jewelry—white gold with synthetic stones and cubic zirconia. So now she takes these nice, but unimportant pieces without having to worry.


So if you are an active traveler like me, the best option is to just leave your jewelry home.

But, if you Do want to wear jewelry when you travel, follow these safety tips and enjoy your well deserved vacation without worry!

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