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Feel the LOVE of February's Birthstone Amethyst

It’s February! The month to celebrate your birthstone Amethyst and all of the ones you LOVE!

We can admit that in some point in our lives (or certain days of the month) we All feel:

  • Sad or frustrated.

  • Lonely.

  • Drawn to addictive habits.

Well, Amethyst gemstone can help you with these problems so that you too can feel the LOVE for yourself and others.

Color Meaning:

Amethyst is the Purple variety of Quartz.

It comes in different shades of Purple from a light lilac to a rich, intense royal purple to dark purple.

The Purple color of Amethyst represents:

  • Royalty

  • Luxury

  • Power and ambition

  • Devotion

  • Peace

  • Pride

  • Mystery and magic

  • Independence

So if you are feeling too much anxiety or anxiousness, lonely, and you are disconnected to yourself, you want add some Amethyst in you life to feel more calm, creative, fulfilled and majestic!

Amethyst Benefits

Those that study the Chakra use Amethysts extensively to assist in spiritual healing and to balance the crown chakra.

The Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets you in touch with the universal.

When you use Amethyst in a spiritual way, it helps you:

  • Keep a calm, clear mind to better receive communication and guidance from what your inner self is telling you.

  • Restore your soul and facilitate alignment with The Divine by using its high vibrational energy.

  • Realize that excess or negative addictions can throw your spiritual and physical bodies in a state of imbalance.

Amethyst can help you emotionally to keep calm and reduce stress.

Amethyst helps you:

  • Keep your mind clear or "not intoxicated", clouded or inebriated.

  • Remain calm in the face of adversity which will minimize anxiety and stress.

  • To have a calm temperament which gives you an advantage during negotiations of any type.

  • In the bereavement process by calming the mind.

  • Prevent overindulgence.

Amethyst also helps your physical body:

  • Overcome insomnia by treating the underlying emotional issues that can also be related to depression.

  • Create a hormonal balance by improving the Endocrine gland function, resulting in a more efficient production of hormones. Overall emotional balance is often achieved with efficient hormone production.

  • With any Heart function.

  • It improves your blood oxygen levels which helps with overall health and wellness. An increase in blood oxygen results in better mental clarity, helping with focus and creativity.

  • Soothe your neural impulses which achieves better clarity and lowers stress or anxiousness.

Amethyst is Perfect for Everyone

Amethyst in its pure color is an equal part of cool blue and warm red.

So anyone can achieve the royal look and benefit from Amethyst's many amazing powers.

Since Amethyst is abundant and very affordable it makes a beautiful choice for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Since there are different shades of Purple, Amethyst look great in all metal types: Yellow Rose and White gold, Silver and Platinum.

Ways to make that Purple color POP:

  • Wear an ALL white outfit

  • Wear contrasting colors, like orange, yellows, or creams

  • Wear a lighter or darker purple outfit (depending on what color your Amethyst is).

Now let me show you the BEST ways to wear Amethyst Gemstones

The Best ways to Add Amethyst Meaning & Benefits

1. Repurpose Amethyst Jewelry:

If you have some old jewelry with Amethysts around that you no longer wear or inherited, you can update into a new style or mix it with other old stones you may have.

Amethysts are great for mixing and matching with other semi-precious stones or other shades of purple.

A client of mine had amethyst and diamond jewelry that was given to her during her marriage.

She hardly ever wore it because it really wasn't her style.

After her divorce, she wanted to transform it into something that suited her and that she would love to wear.

She said that this amethyst went from a piece that she would never wear to a ring that she LOVES to wear this on her middle finger. It is so different and gets so many compliments!

2. Custom Design:

If you LOVE Amethyst because it is your Birthstone or for the Color or for the Benefits, you can incorporate it into a design custom made, just for you!

Since I have a February birthday, I had an Amethyst pendant that was given to me by my grandfather for my birthday.

The pendant broke a long time ago and I just put it away.

After many years of not even thinking about it, I found it in a drawer.

So, obviously, since custom design is my business, I wanted to make a beautiful ring with it.

Now, I can honestly tell you, that I LOVE to wear this ring and will plan an outfit to show off my ring.

3. Family Jewelry:

The best part of birthstones is to commemorate your loved ones by creating a piece customized to the birth month of each family member. This can be in the form of rings, pendants, charms, or anything else you like.

My pieces from the Currents Collection can be customized to create a commemorative family piece or get with just Amethyst.

Purple River Swirl Necklace and Earrings

So show some LOVE for yourself or a special person in your life with the beauty and benefits of Amethyst!

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