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Divorced Woman’s Guide: To Sell or Not To Sell that Jewelry???

You are newly #divorced and have gone through a lot of trials & tribulations; maybe too many and you are #depressed or #angry or both. Your first instinct is to get rid of everything that reminds you of the #pain and of HIM!

I am telling you right now to STOP, BREATHE & THINK about what you have, how strong you are, how you are the ONE in charge of your own life! You are the decider, no-one is telling you who you should be or how you should act or what is the right thing for you. It is the time for you to explore who you are without him. #Explore your #interests, your #passions, your #style, all the things that may have been silenced in an unsupportive #relationship.

So the question is... do you sell the jewelry he gave you or should you keep it and let it lay in your jewelry box? The simple answer is NEITHER (unless you desperately need some cash right now). When you sell your jewelry, you only get a small fraction of the metal price by total weight, regardless of the stones or design; it is ONLY the metal weight, you get NOTHING for the stones. If you keep it as is, you are only reminded of the pain and frustration of your failed relationship.

The BEST thing you can do with that jewelry is to REPURPOSE the stones and create a whole NEW jewelry piece that YOU WANT, that will MAKE YOU FEEL #BEAUTIFUL and #SPECIAL! We at Rejewelvenated Designs want to help you change that unloved jewelry, rewrite its story and create something that now reminds you of your #CREATIVITY, your STYLE, your #POWER, your #BEAUTY, your #UNIQUENESS. Not only do you get a new piece of jewelry that you NOW LOVE TO WEAR, but you are also INCREASING THE VALUE of that jewelry, SAVING MONEY by re-using the stones you have, and you will GET MONEY BACK from the scrap metal.

It is TIME for you to THINK of yourself, #TREAT yourself, SHAKE OFF the negative energy. Close your eyes and think of the possibilities of the NEW JEWELRY we can help you create and to #ENVISION yourself WEARING THEM and GETTING A FRESH START!

Go to to see before & after pictures of our many satisfied customers. WHY WAIT when you can start a new life, with new jewelry NOW! Book your FREE Consultation where we come to you (in the NY metro/LI area) and get to know your unique style in the comfort of your own surroundings.

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