Design Disasters you NEED to Avoid!

Why do you Wear Jewelry?

Jewelry is meant to Adorn, bring Beauty and Style, AND Evoke Feelings.

Feelings of:

  • Being special

  • Confidence

  • Completing your look or outfit

  • Love, Symbolism and Connection

  • Accomplishment

  • Reaching a special benchmark or milestone in your life.

What about the design? Why do you choose a design?

The design represents your personality, what you want to show to the world.

The design has to fit your unique character—whether you are bold or introverted, natural or modern, colorful or monochromatic.

But, you also need to consider some other factors so that you don't choose a design that you will have problems with when you wear it.

As I learned in my studies about architecture…"Form follows function".