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Custom Jewelry Design Answers

September is a time for new beginnings… the first day of school for kids, back to work for teachers, the start of fall, and the anticipation for family Holidays to come!

So what better way to celebrate a fresh start and the new you than with Custom Design.

Read on to find out Answers about Custom Design and if it's a Perfect fit for you!

What is Custom Design?

Custom Design gives you the Power to create anything you want.

It can be by creating a piece from scratch:

  • Give you CAD rendering,

  • Cast it in precious metal and

  • I supply and set any diamonds or gemstones

Rose Brooch/Pendant made to Celebrate their 45th Anniversary


Customize a NEW piece using stones you already have:

This is what I call Jewelry Transformation.

It is similar to above, but:

  • I use your diamonds and/or gemstones

  • The new piece may be hand fabricated, hand assembled or cast (depending on what we are making for you.)

Handmade & Custom Designed Matching 14k Rose Gold, Ruby & Diamond Ring & Pendant Necklace (custom made from inherited jewelry)

Who is custom design for?

Custom Design is for you if You LOVE:

  • Being unique.

  • Having something One-of-a- kind, something no one else has.

  • The Personalized touch and getting something made just for you, your personality, your particular style.

  • Working one on one and being part of the jewelry creating experience.

  • Creating a memorable story of how your new piece was created.

And definitely, if You are a person who searches the whole internet for a piece that says YOU, but can’t find it.

When is the best time for Custom Design?

Well, you know that I am going to say… Anytime, right?

The Best Times are:

  • To celebrate you or a personal milestone with a piece you have always wanted.

  • To make something for a loved one as a special gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary.

  • If you are getting married and want to create a personalized engagement ring and matching wedding band

It is Important to Keep in mind:

  • That If you want to wear your new piece or give a custom piece for a special occasion, you need to plan ahead.

  • The custom jewelry experience usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece.

  • Remember quality and perfection takes time.

My goal is to make you or your recipient the happiest you’ve ever been with an experience and jewelry piece that lasts a lifetime!

Why would you choose Custom Design?

Because it is:

  • One of a kind—you are more likely to love it for many years to come.

  • More memorable to have something personally made for you—there is a story to the jewelry that you can tell and pass down.

  • More meaningful, especially if you use stones from something else.

  • Brings more happiness and positivity by creating a new piece with purposeful and meaningful intentions.

  • Something you will never want to part with. It instantly becomes your new favorite piece!

What are the Benefits of Custom Made vs.

Buying a Designer Brand or Ready-made piece

Custom Made Designer Brand/Ready-Made

> You are in charge, creating exactly what you want > Buying someone else’s vision

> Unique to you > Many people will have the same ring

> Love for a long time > Trend now, but may go out of style

> Re-using stones you have will save you money > Designer, you pay more for the name

Today's Custom Trend:

  • Pave Diamond Name Plates!!!

  • Engagement rings and wedding bands

  • Custom Transformation to update old or inherited jewelry

Custom made 14k yellow gold pave diamond name plate necklace

(made to celebrate her graduation)


So, If you’ve always dreamed of designing your own piece of jewelry, then you are at the right place!

Every piece is Hand-crafted just for you, with you and your unique style always in mind.

I have worked with many customers to create stunning rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more.

So start to think about what you would love to have, then book your FREE Consultation and easily turn it into reality!

Click here to See some beautiful Custom Designs

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