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redesign your jewelry rendering custom made jewelry design

Our Process

See what new jewelry can be created from what you already have...

So many people we talk to have unworn outdated or inherited jewelry that they have absolutely NO IDEA what to do with until they found out that they can REMAKE IT!

This is your chance to find out what can be remade from your out-dated, worn, broken, single earring, or inherited jewelry and create a new, updated design that you will absolutely love to wear! By using the diamonds, colored stones and sometimes metal from your old pieces, you get new, high-quality custom designed jewelry for half the price of what you would pay for a ready-made piece at a retail store.

Step 1:

Your Wish is Our Command

Whether you have an idea already or are just wanting to figure out what's possible - it all starts with talking to your personal design expert! 

We begin every custom design or custom redesign by talking about your goals, budget, and timeline. The best part is that you can do the whole thing online and you are included in every step of the way.

Whether you share a Pinterest idea board of styles you love, already know exactly what you want, or not sure at all, you will be working with experienced jewelry and design professionals to create the custom piece of your dreams.

By designing and making everything in our own studio, we guarantee its high quality, uniqueness, and value.

Kate Middleton wedding earrings inspiration for custom redesign_redesign jewelry near me_l

Step 2:

Get Your Design Renderings

After we gather your wants and desires for your new custom piece, your personal designer creates multiple design options customized just for your unique style.

The digital renderings are emailed to you for review. Almost all our clients love at least one of the designs, but any can be changed to your complete satisfaction.

If you want to see how it would look on you, just send a picture & we will show you what the design or designs look like on you personally.

redesign your jewelry rendering custom made jewelry design

Step 3:

Get the Perfect Fit

Choose a design you LOVE! If we are using your old jewelry, then we will send you a label to safely mail your jewelry to us in order to make sure that the new design fits your stones perfectly.

Once we receive your jewelry, we will take a picture & send it to you stating what we received. Our expert gemologist will go over the stones to make sure they are in good condition.

If we are custom designing from scratch, we will source diamonds or colored stones that meet your quality and budget requirements. Our GIA gemologists will ensure the quality meets your satisfaction.

Diamond Ring

Step 4:

Meet Your New Design

All the stones for your custom design are examined and accurately measured and weighed to create either a three dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) or a handmade wax design so you can better visualize what your piece will look like true to life.

We will email you the CAD or Wax to review. You can tweak anything you want at this stage. We will also determine a final cost minus any extra metal (if a custom redesign).

CAD design for custom jewelry design_custom jeweler near me_long island_new york.png

Step 5:

Try on a 3D Printed model (optional)

What makes us different?  You can order and try on 3D printed model of your new piece! This optional step helps ensure that your custom design is exactly how you envisioned it, to give you the confidence you deserve before we begin production. The 3D printing costs fees go directly towards your new jewelry.

Once the cost and design are approved, our expert craftsman get to work! We start casting in the metal of your choice, tumble and pre-polish to a nice shine, carefully and securely set your stones, and polish to perfection.

3d wax model custom diamond engagement ring and wedding band.png

Step 6:

Wear and enjoy for a lifetime!

Receive your new jewelry to wear to that special occasion or every day! Every custom design and redesigned piece comes with a complimentary appraisal so that you not only know the new increased monetary value, but you can also make sure your new treasure is safe and secure.

custom redesigned wedding jewelry_jewelry redesign near me_long island_new york.png

Make your "something old" into your "something new"

Our passion is to help you remake your old jewelry into a new high-end custom piece that instantly becomes a piece you will never want to take off!

What if you can get back the meaning, purpose and value of your old, unworn jewelry and create a piece that screams you.

With Rejewelvenated Designs you can!.

Our professional Designers, Jewelers, GIA Gemologists and Appraisers use their many years of expertise to help you create the jewelry of your dreams from old jewelry that you may have forgotten.


Our Latest Remade Jewelry


Birthday: Michelle's One-of-a-kind evil eye ring

To celebrate turning the Big 3-0 (I wish!), Michelle wanted to remake a gift her dad gave her that she never wore or liked. She always wanted a evil eye ring and was blown away by this unique design. She can wear it now for many happy birthdays to come!

22 (2).png

Just Because: Michelle wanted to treat herself

We also do full custom design and source stones for you. Michelle wanted a "happy" ring which citrine gemstone brings. She also wanted to wear it with her evil eye ring. Since we already designed for Michelle, we hit the design on he first try...she was truly happy & amazed!


Anniversary: Linda's Updated wedding Band

Linda's original eternity band had many chipped stones and didn't fit her style anymore. We used some of her original diamonds and sourced matching new ones to complete her new wedding band after 15 years of marriage

"I am so so happy with the design and quality of my new rings. I had an old diamond bracelet that I never wore and Jen turned it into two stunning rings, including the “evil eye,” ring of my dreams. I cannot recommend her enough. From turning your vision and a 20 minute conversation into a design better than you could imagine, to the concierge service and the communication throughout the process, all the way to final product and insurance appraisal of the pieces, 10/10 would recommend. Now to start dreaming about my next future family heirloom. The pictures don’t even do them justice."



Anniversary: Linda's EXTRA Anniversary gift

We remade Linda's wedding band, but she also had out-dated jewelry from her mother that she never wore. She always wanted a big pave halo ring, so her husband surprised her with this unique and special gift.

8 (2).png

Engagement: Emily's Perfect Engagement ring

Emily inherited jewelry from her grandmother and her mother that we used to create her new meaningful engagement ring & wedding band that she wears & loves every day.

18 (3).png

Birthday: Stephanie's dream geometric ring

This birthday Stephane was starting Fresh! Using the diamonds from her old, unworn jewelry we created her new happy piece and make her birthday wish come true.

"Jennifer was so patient and helpful in every detail of our custom jewelry! She has amazing ideas and designed the most amazing pieces that we love and will cherish forever!! Her customer service, craftsmanship and pricing is outstanding and we could not have asked for a better experience!! Thank you!!!"


jennifer vichinsky, GIA gemologist, jewelry designer and appraiser, Long Island,NY.jpeg

Why Remake Jewelry?

When you Remake your old Jewelry, you can actually get an amazing and more meaningful high end custom made piece of jewelry without breaking the bank!


Because we use your diamonds or gemstones (which would be worth nothing if you go to sell). And, we deduct the scrap metal from the final cost.

So not only are you paying below retail prices, but you get money back for the gold and platinum that is left over. That means you save 50-75% of what you would buy the same piece at a retail store.

Talk about savings…WOW! So, how do you start?

See what's POSSIBLE for your old Jewelry!

What's in your jewelry box?

Remake those unworn treasures into your new favorite piece or pieces!

Do you have jewelry that you don’t wear anymore wasting away in a box somewhere?


I am sure during your lifetime you have collected jewelry from gifts, self-purchases, passed loved ones that may be broken, worn, or just not your style anymore. You may be thinking, “So what if it sits in a box, there’s no harm…maybe I can give it to someone later.” Then years pass and you find it again and discover no one wants it either.


So what should you do with these treasures? How can you get value from them? How can you enjoy them NOW instead of waiting or wasting time and money?


Yes, your old jewelry pieces are treasures!


They hold meaning, memories, love, symbolism, stories.


And, through my decades of jewelry experience and transforming unworn pieces of jewelry, my clients are always so excited by the result. They love that they are getting more than a new jewelry piece they will cherish…they are getting jewelry they would love to wear! A piece of fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for them, making the unimagined possible.


How to get Started on a Project?

To get started with a project is easy! Just click here

How do you determine the cost of a project?

Each project is thoroughly assessed based on the design complexity, labor, and materials that will be used in the final product. Once you choose a design you love from your proposal options, you will get an approximate cost. The final cost is determined after you are 100% happy with the CAD rendering or hand wax carving. We've worked on hundreds of projects ranging in price from $150 to $10,000+, but the vast majority of them are between $650 and $3000. The majority of our ring projects cost between $500 and $2500. This price does not include any gold credits you may have from your initial settings; see below for further information. If you're willing to consider our suggestions, we have several excellent options around $1000.

What is gold credit, exactly?

During your remodeling project, we are always pleased to re-use and recycle as much of your precious metals if it is used as an integral part of the new design. We can recycle any extra precious metals (gold or platinum) and apply the proceeds to your project as a credit. The majority of our clients work with us to recycle gold in order to lower their overall project costs. The credit will be applied to your final cost.

What is the procedure for shipping?

We'll send you an insured 2-Day UPS shipping label to safely send to us. It’s easy, simply get a small padded envelope, give us the size in inches & we will e-mail you an issued label.

What exactly does "custom" imply?

We specialize in making custom jewelry out of one-of-a-kind, heirloom, inherited, and sentimental items. Because the materials we work with are never the same, every piece we make is tailored to your specific desires. Working on each project in this way (rather than trying to squeeze your materials into a mass produced, pre-made setting) allows us to design each new piece in a unique way that best suits your life and personal style. It also allows us to customize each piece to fit your finger, wrist, neck, ears perfectly. When you get a custom designed piece from remaking your old jewelry, you do save money by using your diamonds and gemstones, as well as getting credit back from your precious metal as compared to buying the same piece new at a retail store.

What is the definition of fine jewelry?

To make long-lasting jewelry, we use premium materials and time-honored fine jewelry techniques. Whether we're working with your most valuable diamonds or your childhood birthstone jewelry, we work in gold and platinum, giving our highest level of workmanship to each project. All of our projects are treated with the same regard and care.

What exactly is the procedure?

We usually start with a zoom conversation to go over the jewelry you'd want to remake. We'll generate a few design options after we've met with you and acquired a sense of your style and materials. Once you've decided on a design, we'll email you an insured UPS label. Our production time is 2- 6 weeks from the time we receive your jewelry. We can determine the final cost after the 3D CAD rendering or handmade wax carving is finalized for approval and your stones are removed (in order to weigh your metal for cost reduction).

How long does a project take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take about two to six weeks to complete. We don't like to rush this meticulous labor, thus we only take on a few appointments every month.

Have more questions? Please feel free to click the Live Chat (bottom right) so that you can get your answers as soon as possible!

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