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May Emerald Birthstone gemstone meaning

Discover all about your Birthstone

It’s May! The month to celebrate your birthstone Emerald and the start of Spring!

May, which is in the heart of Spring, is the coming alive of nature, so what better birthstone to celebrate the lushness of Nature than the beautiful Green Emerald Gemstone.

Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. It is a natural peacemaker,  so when you wear this color, it will encourage you to do what is right vs. straying and doing something wrong for you. 


Green and Emerald gemstone helps to encourage good judgment as well as helping you keep an open mind. 


So If you wear emerald, it will help you make those appropriate decisions that will align with a positive outcome for the situation that you are in.

Find out more about Emerald by watching the videos below!

May Birthstone
The Magic of Emerald

with Gemology Jen

Watch to find out the best color Green for Emerald, it's meaning and how it can help you be more relaxed & peaceful!

Watch to find out all of the amazing physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Emerald and how they can help you in your every day life!

Watch to find out the best ways to wear your Emerald jewelry.  And if you want some Emerald in your life, book a free consultation and let's talk!

Not sure what of what a nice quality Emerald should be?  Watch to find out what to look for and how much you should be paying!  Need expert help in sourcing one?  Book a free consultation with Gemology Jen!

Emerald Custom Designs

exclusively by Rejewelvenated Designs


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Custom designed Emerald and diamond split shank platinum and 18k yellow gold ring_Long Isl

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