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July Ruby Birthstone gemstone meaning

Discover all about your Birthstone

It’s July! Celebrate this fiery summer month with your birthstone: the Ruby.

Ruby is the beautiful sister of the variety Sapphire.  


Ruby is the Red variety of the species corundum and most people refer to the blue variety as just sapphire, even though sapphire comes in every color of the rainbow.


Even though ruby belongs to this family of corundum, she is very particular in who she allows in her club. Only stones that are orangey Red to purplish Red in color and have medium or higher tone and saturation are considered Ruby.

If you are feeling like your energy is low and your days are blah, then wearing Ruby will greatly improve your passion and zest for life! 


The best way to boost your excitement, motivation, and wealth is to wear or carry a ruby around.  It was believed that if you wore a fine red Ruby, it would grant you good fortune, wisdom, and good health.

Find out more by watching the videos below!

July Birthstone
The Magic of Ruby

with Gemology Jen

Watch to find out what color range makes it a Ruby, it's meaning and how it can help give you the passion and energy you need in your life!

Watch to find out all of the amazing physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Ruby and how they can help you in your every day life!

Watch to find out the best ways to wear your Ruby jewelry.  And if you want some Ruby in your life, book a free consultation and let's talk!

Not sure what of what a nice quality Ruby should be?  Watch to find out what to look for and how much you should be paying!  Need expert help in sourcing one?  Book a free consultation with Gemology Jen!

Ruby Custom Designs

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