Professional jewelry design, repurposing, appraisals and more.

One of the Top Craftsmen on Long Island Specializing in the Art of Repurposing Gems & Jewelry.

Creating, designing or buying jewelry should be a fun & exciting experience …not stressful and intimidating. When it comes to jewelry design, appraisals or consulting, we provide a friendly and professional experience so that you can relax and trust that at Rejewelvenated Designs, you will be well taken care of. We have a long standing reputation within the industry as being one of the most ethical jewelers that hold the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


1. Gather all  of your UNWORN  Jewelry   

3. We work together to create a Fresh NEW Design

2. Call or Email Rejewelvenated Designs for a FREE Consultation

4. Approve Handmade or CAD design & costs

5. Get your EXCITING NEW piece of Jewelry & FREE Appraisal

Jewelry services that you can really use like repurposing and appraising.


For those with a vision, we offer custom jewelry design. Discuss your ideas with us and bring them to life.

Bring in your unworn gold and gems and Rejewelvenate them. Create an exciting new piece.

There are many important reasons why you should know what your jewelry is worth. 

Repurpose your gold jewelry and gem stones and get a lot more value.


What your gold or diamond jewelry might be worth if you scrap it for wholesale market value.


What your gold or diamond jewelry might appraise for if you have it repurposed.

Out-of-date or broken jewelry not looking so great? Then you need to REjewelVENATE it. Bring in your gold and gem stones. Let's get a wholesale value of it all. Then lets talk about how we can use it to create something new that you can wear, enjoy and get a lot more value from.