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We redesign your old jewelry into styles you want...

Rejewelvenated Designs is a custom jewelry concierge that gives you an a-z service for turning your current less-than-desirable jewelry into your new daily gasp getter!

Styles change, but the feeling is forever...

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We're changing the way people buy and create jewelry by repurposing old jewelry that people already have rather than buying and creating brand new from scratch. The result - lower costs, enhanced sentiment, wear what's trending but still let it be the gift you got years ago. Wear the jewelry you already have, but in a new way.


How It Works

Schedule Free Consultation

Chat With An Expert

Schedule your Free Zoom Consultation with your design expert to get to know you, your style and what you want to create.

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Design Selection

You will receive multiple design sketches for you to choose from and/or tweak to your exact liking. A hand carved Wax or 3D CAD with virtual try-on link is shared via e-mail for final approval.

Get New Jewelry

Get Excited!

Sit back, relax and get updates as your dream piece is being created by our skilled craftsmen.


Our Latest Remade Jewelry


Birthday: Michelle's One-of-a-kind evil eye ring

To celebrate turning the Big 3-0 (I wish!), Michelle wanted to remake a gift her dad gave her that she never wore or liked. She always wanted a evil eye ring and was blown away by this unique design. She can wear it now for many happy birthdays to come!

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Just Because: Michelle wanted to treat herself

We also do full custom design and source stones for you. Michelle wanted a "happy" ring which citrine gemstone brings. She also wanted to wear it with her evil eye ring. Since we already designed for Michelle, we hit the design on he first try...she was truly happy & amazed!


Anniversary: Linda's Updated wedding Band

Linda's original eternity band had many chipped stones and didn't fit her style anymore. We used some of her original diamonds and sourced matching new ones to complete her new wedding band after 15 years of marriage


Anniversary: Linda's EXTRA Anniversary gift

We remade Linda's wedding band, but she also had out-dated jewelry from her mother that she never wore. She always wanted a big pave halo ring, so her husband surprised her with this unique and special gift.

8 (2).png

Engagement: Emily's Perfect Engagement ring

Emily inherited jewelry from her grandmother and her mother that we used to create her new meaningful engagement ring & wedding band that she wears & loves every day.

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Birthday: Stephanie's dream geometric ring

This birthday Stephane was starting Fresh! Using the diamonds from her old, unworn jewelry we created her new happy piece and make her birthday wish come true.

Remaking your jewelry is perfect for creating a special and magical new piece for that upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday or whatever special occasion you are celebrating and need new jewelry to go with your fabulous outfit. It is also perfect for surprising someone you love with a very special, meaningful and memorable piece of jewelry that really shows you care. Believe me, they will treasure it forever!

The Benefits of Repurposing

Keep the gold, keep the diamonds... they're still important

You could buy a completely new piece of jewelry, and we can help you with that as well, but why not keep all the years of memories you've built into your piece? That ring was the best he could get, and that's something you can't replace. And you don't have to...

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Make your "something old" into your "something new"

Remaking your unworn jewelry or jewelry from a loved one makes that new piece so much more meaningful, so much more special, so much more memorable as you wear it during your wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc. and wear it always as you walk into the next chapter of your life.

Jewelry is an expression of your Uniqueness!

Styles change and let's face it, we change.  Your old jewelry may not fit your style anymore, so change it into the style that expresses the person you are now and the lifestyle you are living.  Jewelry is meant to be worn, fill you with feelings of happiness and most of all make you look & feel your best!

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I started Rejewelvenated Designs after I inherited my grandmother's jewelry. Using my 20 plus years in the jewelry business, I decided to remake some of the out-dated or broken pieces into styles I love and would want to wear.

You know what happened?

Now, when I put on my remade jewelry, I feel my grandmother's love and warmth every day. Plus, since they are unique to me, I feel special wearing them and LOVE all the compliments.

These are the feelings that you will get when you Remake your jewelry and why I love doing this.

Remaking your old jewelry makes a special occasion more special and every day a happy one.

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