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December Tanzanite Birthstone gemstone meaning

Discover all about your Birthstone

It’s December, So this is the month to not only celebrate the Holidays, but ALL the December Birthdays with one of this month’s most beautiful Birthstone: Tanzanite!


This month of December actually has 3 beautiful blue birthstones:

  • Tanzanite

  • Blue zircon

  • Turquoise

But, I am going to focus on the most popular and powerful of the 3, which is Tanzanite.


Tanzanite gemstone is a stone of transformation and can benefit your life in many Positive ways.


The Winter holidays and the New Year are the perfect time for self reflection, letting go of things that don’t serve you positively and giving back to others so that each day is filled with Tanzanite’s high vibrations of joy and self actualization.


So Lets start livin’ those good vibrations with the POWER of THREE !

Find out more by watching the videos below!

or if you are more of a reader, click here to find out more...

December Birthstone
The Magic of Tanzanite

with Gemology Jen

Watch to find Tanzanite colors, it's meaning and why it is so powerful!

Watch to find out Tanzanite's amazing physical, emotional and spiritual benefits and how they can help you in your every day life!

Watch to find out the best ways to wear your Tanzanite jewelry.  And if you want some Tanzanite in your life, book a free consultation and let's talk!

Not sure what of what a nice quality Tanzanite should be?  Watch to find out what to look for and how much you should be paying!  Need expert help in sourcing one?  Book a free consultation with Gemology Jen!

Tanzanite Custom Designs

exclusively by Rejewelvenated Designs


How It Works

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Get New Jewelry

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