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When you repurpose your old Jewelry, you can actually get an amazing and more meaningful high end custom made piece of jewelry without breaking the bank!


Because we use your diamonds or gemstones (which would be worth nothing if you go to sell). And, we deduct the scrap metal from the final cost.

So not only are you paying below retail prices, but you get money back for the gold and platinum that is left over. That means you save 50-75% of what you would buy the same piece at a retail store.

Talk about savings…WOW! So, how do you start?

See what's POSSIBLE for your old Jewelry!

jennifer vichinsky, GIA gemologist, jewelry designer and appraiser, Long Island,NY.jpeg

Love your Jewelry Again!

My passion is to help you remake your old jewelry into a new high-end custom piece that instantly becomes a piece you will never want to take off!


What if you can get back the meaning, purpose and value of your old, unworn jewelry and create a piece that screams you.


With Rejewelvenated Designs you can!.


As a GIA Gemologist, Designer and Appraiser, I use my 20 plus years of expertise to help you create the jewelry of your dreams from old jewelry that you may have forgotten.



Redesign Ideas for Engagement Rings


Inherited engagement ring from mom...


I am not married and I wanted a ring that was unique and didn't look like an engagement ring. Rejewelvenated Design's expert designer checked off all the boxes of what I was looking to create! Now I feel mom with me every time I put on my new ring!


Inherited Jewelry & Getting Married? I inherited rings from my mother and grandmother that were very special to me, but I had a different idea of my perfect engagement ring...

Custom redesigned 14k white gold leaf designed pave set diamond engagement ring for round

Rejewelvenated Designs got my style right away and used all the stones from my inherited jewelry to not only make my dream engagement ring, but the matching band too! Now, it carries generations of love into my new life which makes me so happy!

Redesign your engagement ring, custom jewelry design near me

Grandma's old style headlight with dull baguettes. Borrring...

Custom designed engagement ring-double halo for round brilliant cut diamond center

Rejewelvenated Designs created this one of a kind custom design for my grandmother's diamond. Now Grandma's headlight really shines bright! Every time I wear it, I can't take my eyes off of it :)


Inherited engagement setting from mom...


Baguettes and princess cuts are not my I thought! When the expert designer came up with this design, I was blown away. Now I have a piece of mom and a piece of me together in one ring.


My mother & my grandmother were my role models and I inherited rings from both...


Rejewelvenated Designs helped me combine the generations into this necklace. I always wanted a sapphire and diamond necklace and now when I wear it, I feel inspired every day.

Redesign Ideas for Colored Stone Jewelry


Inherited Pendant/Brooch from mom with a gorgeous emerald...


It was a shame to let such beautiful gemstones and diamonds go to waste. I decided to remake it into a fabulous ring that I can wear to networking and work events. Let me tell you, this piece is a show stopper and I get tons of compliments!


Mom's cocktail ring that she wore to parties is definitely different from what I would wear...


I wanted to remake her cocktail ring to go with my favorite going out outfits. Now I have my new favorite piece that helps me get ready for cocktail hour in a jif.


Mom loved retro style, but I don't. This ruby is stunning though...


Rejewelvenated Designs helped me change that old style ring from Retro to modern. Now I can wear it and memories of mom in the way that I like.


I love sapphires, but not in the style mom wore them...


I love a more unique and modern style. Rejewelvenated Designs created this necklace design which really lets the sapphires stand out. The added sparkle from the diamond halos and beautiful chain completed the exact look that I love.


This was my mother's going out necklace that I inherited. You can't deny it is a beautiful necklace, but it doesn't fit my lifestyle as a teacher. I really didn't want this sentimental piece to go to waste...


I told Jennifer that I wanted something really unique; I didn't want the same old sapphire and diamond rings that the women in my mahjong group had. And boy, did she deliver! When I wore my new ring to mahjong (and everywhere else), I got so many compliments, plus it is filled with memories of mom. Not only that, but Jennifer helped me make some gifts for family members--earrings and pendants-- from links that were left over.

Redesign Ideas for Wedding Bands


Jewelry from divorce sitting in your drawer for years making you sad every time you open your jewelry box?


I may not love him anymore, but I surely love my diamonds! I wanted to reuse those expensive diamonds to create a new piece to love, feel special and put a smile on my face every day.


Jewelry from my ended marriage that I never wore and I will never wear again until I found Remake Jewelry...


This simple change made a big difference & is exactly my style. Now I love to wear it & show it off.


What can you do with an old wedding band? This band has a beautiful braided design, but I am not married anymore...


Jennifer suggested earrings. What a great idea; it was so easy! A little snip, a little solder and now I have my new favorite earrings that goes perfect with my hair!


My mom loved her sapphire and diamond wedding band, but it doesn't go with my ring...


Now I have little trendy dangle earrings that I can wear with anything.


Tiffany eternity band from divorce that will never be worn again...


The marriage may be over, but I deserve to shine & sparkle! This necklace makes me feel beautiful & puts a smile on my face every day.

Redesign Ideas for Unworn Jewelry


Got a gift you don't exactly love?

Don't wait for someday to love it...


This was my chance to remake it into the gift I really wanted. There were enough diamonds to make a cute stackable band to go with it. Now, I never (I MEAN NEVER) take it off!


This was my chance to remake it into the gift I really wanted. There were enough diamonds to make a cute stackable band to go with it. Now, I never (I MEAN NEVER) take it off!


Rejewelvenated Designs helped me come up with these pendant earrings as a special gift for my granddaughter. Now I get to see her glowing smile when she wears them.


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