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Jewelry is an expression of you! 

Your personality, Your voice, Your heart’s feelings.

Ask yourself why you wear a piece of jewelry. Because:

  • “It’s my favorite & I wear it everyday”

  • “It makes me feel beautiful”

  • “It brings back the warm memories of my mother when I look at it”


What is your because?

My passion is to design jewelry to fit the answer to your Why!

Browse the collections and see what expresses you. 

And if you like a tweak 'cause you are unique (yes, YOU), then contact me & I will make it happen.

For the Strong Powerful woman who is following

her Path to Success and having Fun doing it!

Imagine laying in a river, the sun on your face, your arms outstretched in a T while the current is taking you on an exciting and surprising journey.

The Current is Strong, Challenging and Exciting; You feel peaceful and secure, knowing you are headed in the right direction.

Each piece in the Current collection is designed to show how the water takes its shape and how the powerful flow of the current moves within it. 

When you wear a piece from the “Currents Collection” you feel Bold, Strong and Excited as you flow through your day and into nighttime.

Where will “Currents” take you?

Blue River Rock sterling silver blue topaz, aquamarine, london blue topaz earrings gift fo
Sterling Silver designer earrings gift for her
Sterling silver designer garnet and colorless topaz earrings gift for her_edited.jpg
connections no title.jpg


Jewelry is all about the Connections!

Through Your Journey in life, you create deep and meaningful connectionsConnection to yourself, your family, your love.

The Connections Collection is Perfect to wear everyday & Show how much these Connections mean to you!

And if you want to Add even more Meaning, you can by Customizing any piece with your own Diamonds or Gemstones!

I specifically made this Connections Collection to create the Best And Easiest Way to Transform YOUR Old Pieces of jewelry that still have those “warm and fuzzy” memories into something New and Trendy and to Wear with Love!

What "Connection" will you create?

14k yellow gold ruby negative space ring
14k yellow gold negative space ring
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