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Get an Expert Appraisal that will Cover you for when the Unexpected Happens


Providing Detailed, Professional Jewelry Appraisals.

As a former GIA Gemology Instructor, I will take the time to explain the characteristics & value of your piece.  It is important to have your valuables examined by an unbiased, ethical professional so that you get the truth about a piece of jewelry you just bought, maybe inherited or given to you as a gift. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance to protect from loss or damage or you are looking to sell, we will give you an honest & real value.  All appraisals are by appointment and performed right in front of you.

Book your Appointment Below to Feel Safe & Secure wearing your Valuables when you have a Detailed, Expert Appraisal

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Every appraisal that we provide contains an accurate and complete description of the following:

  • The cut, color, clarity & approximate carat weight of all diamonds & or gemstones.

  • The precious metal type & content as well as total pennyweight. 

  • Detailed description of the piece for replacement purposes, including how the piece was manufactured. 

  • Detailed pictures of the piece as well as a magnified picture of any main diamond &/or gemstone focusing on its unique internal characteristics.

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Why we are one of the top jewelry appraisers on Long Island.

We are educated in appraising all types of jewelry, precious metals, high end jewelry design and of course diamonds and colored gemstones. When preparing an appraisal, we take into consideration all of the contributing factors from the quality of gems to the degree of craftsmanship put into the piece.  Our continuing education certificates and credentials ensure that we stay current with fluctuating markets, trends and how they affect todays appraisals and prices.

All of our Jewelry Appraisal Reports come Complete with Procedures & Limiting Conditions, Certification & Detailed Education Page.

Every appraisal that we provide contains an accurate & complete description of the item according to GIA nomenclature and grading standards with a full education & care page for future reference. For diamonds & gemstones that are already mounted, the examination is so far as the mounting allows and will be as exact as possible.There is a full examination of how the piece was manufactured, approximate time period the piece was made & quality & types of the precious metals used.

Come to us for Advice or Jewelry Consultation.

Have you ever walked into a Jewelry Store and felt completely overwhelmed?

Or searched the internet for that perfect diamond or colored stone & had no idea what to look for or which was the right one to choose?


Let us at Rejewelvenated Designs be your expert jewelry & diamond/gemstone consultant.  We have the expertise to help you buy with confidence & peace of mind that you are getting the perfect stone or piece of jewelry at the right price.


Do you want to sell gold, stones or Jewelry?  Get an honest value so that you are fully educated on what kind of offer you should be getting. 



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FREE Appraisal

There are different Reasons to get an Appraisal.

  • Appraisals for insurance purposes estimate the cost to replace the items in case they are lost or stolen.

  • Immediate liquidation appraisals are usually lower than other types of appraisals because of the situations that create their need, like in a divorce settlement.

  • An estate evaluation provides what the item could actually be sold for at the time of assessment.

  • Appraisal values for gem stones are based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Timepieces are appraised by make, model and serial number.

  • A fair market value appraisal is the item’s value in its current, used condition.

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