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25 Years In Jewelry

Jewelry Symbolizes all of the SPECIAL Moments and People in your Life!

Hi, I'm Jennifer, Your Jewelry Design Concierge.

I can't wait to have the pleasure of showing you the most amazing ways to keep those special moments and people in your life so that they are treasured for generations. This unique jewelry experience is fun, easy, and all of my clients are always so excited when they start their custom jewelry project.

I can't wait to get to know you, your style and what you would love to create!  But first, here is a little about me...


From being different to Finding my Passion

As a kid, while everyone else was in little league or dance, I used to take art classes and actually won some awards. I knew I always wanted to design, but never knew what.

Designing, balancing colors and shapes, and seeing patterns in everything around me, has always been automatic for me. I would actually dream about designs and work out the details in my sleep. I'm one of those people with a pad next to their bed :).

Years later, my journey of trying to discover myself, my joy, my passion, brought me to train at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica, CA.

Through this immersive school, I found my passion for diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry manufacturing.

And after I inherited jewelry from my grandmother and started to remake her jewelry to suit my style better, I knew that I wanted to bring this everlasting feeling of remembrance and love to others.


custom made diamond engagement wedding set_edited.png

"I feel so very very lucky to have stumbled upon Jennifer and Rejewelvenated Designs. I have had my grandmother’s treasured engagement and anniversary rings for nearly a decade now and kept running into many obstacles trying to find a jeweler who could help me figure out a way to re-envision the pieces into something I would/could wear regularly.

Jennifer is incredibly kind, helpful, and generous with the time and attention she gives to every project. You can tell she truly cares. Jennifer made the process of redesigning my heirloom jewelry a BREEZE. She kept me updated at every step and she made sure I was happy with every detail.

The rings we came up with are a DREAM come true and I couldn’t be happier! I am so grateful for Jennifer and highly recommend her work. I will absolutely come to her with more projects in the future!"



What We Do

Do you ever look at nature and all of its beauty and become so awe-stricken?

That was me with gemstones and the miracle of their creation by this planet. I don’t want to get technical, but it is truly magical!

And even more magical is the amazing emotional feeling my clients get from their one on one custom jewelry experience.

The experience starts when we first meet and start to talk about what you want to create.

When I meet you & see your old jewelry, I have a vision of what the new piece will look like; What shapes are best, what colors will go together, and the overall style that will suit your unique look.

Then I start designing that vision on the computer to see it come to life. I create a few design options for you so that you can choose your favorite or tweak it until you are 100% happy.

You are involved every step of the way to ensure that your new custom designed jewelry is a piece that is perfect for you and the story you want to tell!

Custom Design Is Easy

How It Works

Schedule Free Consultation

Schedule your Free Zoom Consultation with your design expert to get to know you, your style and what you want to create.

free jewelry consultation

You will receive multiple design sketches for you to choose from and/or tweak to your exact liking. A hand carved Wax or 3D CAD is made for final approval.

Get New Jewelry

Sit back, relax and get updates as your dream piece is being created by our skilled craftsmen.




Trusted for over 20 Years

  • GIA Gemologist (Diamonds & Colored Stones)

  • GIA Jeweler

  • GIA Appraiser & USPAP Certified (United Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices)

  • GIA Jewelry Designer

  • GIA Instructor for Diamonds, Colored Stones and Pearls

  • Senior Gemologist at GCAL; Diamond Certification Laboratory

  • Senior Appraiser for Two Master Gemologist Appraisers (MGA)

  • Production Manager and Design Consultant for Award Winning Bridal Jewelry Designer

My Credentials are a Bonus for you:


When you have been in the jewelry business for as long as I have, I've seen it all--the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful.  I have met lot of people and really listened to their pains, their wants and their desires. 


As an expert in diamonds, colored stones and jewelry design, I help clients not only achieve their dream jewelry, but have always exceeded their expectations!  And every piece is scrutinized for the highest quality so that it will last a lifetime.

As a jewelry concierge, you get all of my years of knowledge to help you get the best design, the best diamond, the best quality at the most affordable prices.

As an appraiser, you get a complimentary insurance appraisal so that your new jewelry will be safe and secure.

custom made diamond engagement wedding set_edited.png

See photos and videos of latest custom design projects and how others are remaking their old jewelry

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The highest-quality design at a great price!  Diamonds are locally sourced and GIA certified with Prices that can't be beat! 


Every Custom Design and Redesign Project comes with an expert Insurance Appraisal for guaranteed value and protection of your new jewelry.

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Get your Personal Custom Jewelry Concierge to guide you, answer all your questions and give you updates every step of the way.


You are involved every step of the way to guarantee 100% happiness and love of your new custom designed jewelry!  All of our clients say their expectations have been exceeded.

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