Do you have jewelry that you don’t wear anymore wasting away in a box somewhere?

I am sure during your lifetime you have collected jewelry from gifts, self-purchases, passed loved ones that may be broken, worn, or just not your style anymore.  You may be thinking, “So what if it sits in a box, there’s no harm…maybe I can give it to someone later.” Then years pass and you find it again and discover no one wants it either.    

So what should you do with these treasures? How can you get value from them? How can you enjoy them NOW instead of waiting or wasting time and money? 

Yes, your old jewelry pieces are treasures!  They hold meaning, memories, love, symbolism, stories.  And, through my decades of jewelry experience and transforming unworn pieces of jewelry, my clients are always so excited by the result. They love that they are getting more than a new jewelry piece they will cherish…they are getting jewelry they would love to wear! A piece of fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for them, making the Unimagined Possible.

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Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Transformation or Repurposing is the Ultimate Makeover Experience!

It Empowers you to create a new piece that captures your unique style.

Is a way to create a Deep Connection with a loved one by designing a new jewelry story, but keeping the old memories.

It Becomes a New Symbol that carries the Intentions that you want to create with the positive energy of using your own gemstones

So why wait, when you can transform your old jewelry into a fresh new piece that will keep your memories and stories alive in a new, trendy version!  Your new jewelry will have more of a meaningful and loving connection than anything you can buy already made.  
All of my clients are always completely “WOWed” by their jewelry transformation and I would love to be able to bring that experience and feeling to you!

How did my passion for design start? 

When I was a kid, my hand was always drawing abstract doodles to fill a 10 x 8.5 sheet of paper, it seemed to just be automatic.  I just let my hand flow and a beautiful abstract drawing was created which began my passion for designing.  Then after my training at GIA (Gemological Institute of America), learning jewelry design, jewelry manufacturing, gemology and appraising, my love grew even more.  The miracle that this planet creates these magical, beautiful gemstones was and IS awe inspiring.  And even more magical is the amazing emotional feeling my clients get from repurposing these diamonds, gemstones and sometimes metal into a new jewelry piece or pieces that I created just for them that harnesses all the powers of these miracles from the Earth and the stories that they carry.

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If you liked that story, you will love the story about how I started custom design!

I started creating custom designed pieces because of my grandfather.  He would ask me to create a present for any person that he befriended or for my mother or someone else he liked—he was very generous and loved to give jewelry gifts.  He was also a very business-like man who loved to buy jewelry and had a lot of loose diamonds and gemstones.  We didn't have much of a friendly relationship growing up, so after my schooling at GIA, he used Jewelry as a way to bond.  I would take his loose stones and create pendants, earrings, whatever I liked, so that he could give as presents.  Through the diamonds and jewelry, we grew closer, which really gave me a chance to get to know him and his amazing life.  

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Before he passed, he called me one day and said I had to get down to Florida to see him.  He told me to get a safety deposit box at the bank and he was going to give me all of my grandmother's jewelry.  I did as he said, got the box at the bank, then went to Florida to see him.  He took me to where he had a small floor safe and at his age, he couldn't bend down so easily to open it, so I did it for him.  I opened the safe and what I saw surprised and confused me.  In his safe, I found some very old Jane Fonda video VHS cassette tapes and was wondering why he would have these old tapes in a safe.  I, then, opened the cassettes and there was my grandmother's jewelry, neatly in velvet bags inside.  Good disguise for a robber, huh?


So, I took all of the jewelry home. I was a bit nervous traveling with all of that value, but I arrived safely.  My parents picked me up from the airport and we went to their house.  I decided to share the jewelry with my mother, who loved to match her jewelry with her outfits, plus she was more suited for most of the pieces.  However, some of the rings were very outdated for both of us & a broken tennis bracelet that couldn’t be worn.  I knew that I could make the diamonds really pop in a more updated design so that we can wear and enjoy these memorable pieces.  


As I looked at all of the jewelry that I wanted to transform, the memory of my grandmother wearing each piece was flooding my mind.  I decided to completely change her broken tennis bracelet to a ring and as for her very out of date diamond rings, I created unique designs to show off the stone more and really make them sparkle.  Now when I put on these newly transformed pieces and get compliments, I always tell the person that it was my grandmother's and the connection to both my grandparents is always there when I wear them.  


What about the safety deposit box, you may be asking....it was never used!  My mother and I love to wear the memory of my grandmother to stay connected with her love and beauty.  


Jewelry IS meant to be worn, not put in a box!  

Jewelry Credentials:

GIA Gemologist

GIA Jeweler

GIA Appraiser & USPAP Certified (United Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices)

GIA Jewelry Designer

GIA Instructor for Diamonds, Colored Stones and Pearls
Senior Gemologist at GCAL; Diamond Certification Laboratory

Senior Appraiser for Two Master Gemologist Appraisers (MGA)

Production Manager and Design Consultant for Award Winning Bridal Jewelry Designer

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I not only use all of my 20 plus years of jewelry experience, but as a designer, I also have a very intuitive and visual mind. That means that after seeing your old pieces and meeting you one to one, I can almost immediately re-envision what the new piece will look like. I work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Then, when it is all completed, you will receive my expert GIA jewelry insurance appraisal so that you know the value of your new piece and can make sure that it is well protected!

My MOST Amazing Day

I spent a whole day in the archives of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC  surrounded by so many beautiful gem specimens AND getting the chance to “play” with the Hope diamond… Yes! THE Hope diamond. It was truly amazing as a gemologist and a complete dream day. 

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