At Rejewelvenated Designs, we believe in the unique power of transforming your old, unloved, inherited or out-of- date jewelry into a piece you will cherish.  The diamonds and gemstones in these jewelry pieces DO NOT EXPIRE or have a shelf life.  Our specialty is to create a UNIQUE piece just for you & your style!  When you repurpose, the new piece creates an amazing feeling of joy, excitement, and rebirth and is the ANSWER to celebrating the NEW YOU! Our goal is to create an exciting design experience and a new piece of jewelry that you will never forget!

As a Graduate and former Teacher at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), my passion is to use my 23 years of expertise in jewelry design, gemology and appraising to help you transform the jewelry you are no longer wearing into a piece of jewelry that you always dreamed of... By working together YOU will SHINE inside & out!

Check out Some of these Extreme

Before & After Transformations

INHERITED? Transform those Precious Memories

"I inhereted this "D" pendant from my mother which was encrusted with diamonds.  The problem was, my name starts with "S".  I didn't want the diamonds to go to waste, so Jennifer was able to transform that letter and use all the diamonds to make

this gorgeous hand-made diamond heart!  Now I am thrilled that I can wear my mother's diamonds close to my heart."   Susan


"My mother-in-law left this amazing ring to me.  She wore it everyday and it was a part of her.  The style was a bit old fashioned for my taste and wanted to change the look, but keep her memory.  Jennifer did a great job in executing this Fabulous, New ring with mom's center stone watching over me.  What a difference!  The stone really pops now and I wear it everyday now just like she did!"    Louise

"This was my mom's brooch/pendant that she gave me.  It is beautiful to some, but I would never wear this.  Jennifer embraced my style completely and the result is a ring I would wear all the time!  She used most of the stones for this piece and some for another piece.  I was involved every step of the way which really made me feel special and more excited for the final result.  I love this emerald ring & now I can enjoy it!"  Marie-Elizabeth

DIVORCED? Cleanse those Stones by Transforming into a Symbol that Celebrates YOU!

"I had loose diamonds from my old wedding band that I never wore anymore; they were just laying in a baggie.  I came to Jennifer with a design I always wanted and in no time, it was finished and on my finger!  Out with the old, in with the new.  The experience was fun & easy!"  Marie-Elizabeth

"Choosing to have my jewelry repurposed

with you was such a fantastic decision.

I chose to re-configure my wedding ring and

engagement ring following my divorce. The

rings were causing such sadness where once

they had been symbolic of my greatest joy and commitments. Working with you to create

symbolic and meaningful pieces which express the dynamic nature of life and love was so

healing. I now wear the pieces with joy, lightness and freedom."   Stephanie

"I really enjoyed working with Jen. She was able to turn my old wedding band and some other pieces I never wore into a fabulous funky ring I can wear everyday. I highly recommend Rejewelvenated Designs!"  Rachelle

Want a CHANGE, BROKEN, or UPDATED Style? You came to the RIGHT PLACE! 


"I had this expensive tennis bracelet that broke even though I hardly wore it. I really don't wear bracelets, so Jennifer suggested making a ring; I never thought to do that! I love the style and now I wear it all of the time!" 


"I had this necklace for a long time and the emerald chipped.  I love emeralds, but I didn't love the style of my old necklace.  I was nervous about getting a new emerald & it chipping again.  Jennifer came up this this beautiful design that used my old diamonds and chain and it really "WOWed"!  She told me that the bezel will protect it & not to worry.  I love the new emerald necklace so much and wear it all the time without worry."   Linda

"I love my husband & the engagement ring he got me, but it just wasn't my style anymore. I wanted a fresh new look. Something simple and to show off the diamond.  Rejewelvenated designs created exactly what I wanted. They handmade a wax for me to see and approve first & they used the diamonds from my original ring which makes it extra special! I love it and so does my husband!"   Barbara

Rejewelvenated Designs is a full service jewelry sales and services company servicing all of Nassau / Suffolk Long Island as well as areas in NYC, NJ and Connecticut. All jewelry is guaranteed to be authentic precious metals and gem stones. All appraisals whether for liquidation, resale, or insurance are approximations. All new and repurposing designs must be approved and signed for production by purchaser. 

Buy with confidence. All of our diamonds are GIA Certified.

Rejewelvenated Designs is a proud member of USPAP (United Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices)

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