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update your jewelry

Remake your old Jewelry into Your New Favorite Pieces!


Custom Made Jewelry Made With Love

We don't just make jewelry, we re-create your old jewelry into a custom made piece designed just for you and your unique style.

Remaking empowers you to create a new piece that:

  • Captures your unique style.

  • Has a deeper connection with a loved one by keeping their story and memories alive.

  • Becomes a new symbol that carries the intentions you want to create with the positive energy of using your own gemstones.


Repurposing old jewelry allows you to bring the memories and love from your loved one's jewelry into your everyday life without feeling the guilt about not wearing a piece that doesn't fit your lifestyle.


The new jewelry is a piece made with purpose, with meaning, with your desires always in mind.


And, we don't just design for you, we design with you. You are included in every part of the process to ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded.


Seeing the sparkle in your eyes and the smile on your face is the reason why we love to remake jewelry for you!

redesign old jewelry for wedding earrings

"... I just kept waiting, thinking I would eventually like [my grandma's piece, but that day never came and I knew it was time to do something about it because she would want me to ..."

Why Repuposing vs. Ready Made?


  • You are in charge, creating exactly what you want


  • Unique to you


  • Love for a long time


  • Re-using stones you have will save you money


  • Buying someone else’s vision

  • Many people will have the same ring

  • Trend now, but may go out of style

  • Designer, you pay more for the name


What we Make

Michelle diamond wedding earrings redesigned from grandma's ring


Need Special Earrings for your wedding day? What better way to celebrate this memorable occasion than to remake grandma's ring into earrings that make you feel like a princess.

What We Make

custom made double halo princess diamond engagement ring


Getting Engaged or just want a new trendy style ring? Remake it from your inherited, divorced, or out-dated jewelry to create that custom designed ring of your dreams!

custom made emerald and diamond necklace


Create a beautiful necklace to wear everyday or for that special occasion coming up. When you use your old jewelry to create a necklace, you get to keep the love close to your heart.

custom jewelry desin and repurposing_edited.jpg

Custom Made Jewelry
Only by Rejewelvenated Designs

Who is Custom Re-Design for?

Custom Re-Design is for you if You LOVE:


  • Being unique.

  • Having something One-of-a- kind, something no one else has.

  • The Personalized touch and getting something made just for you, your personality, your particular style.

  • Working one on one and being part of the jewelry creating experience.

  • Creating a memorable story of how your new piece was created.


And definitely, if You are a person who searches the whole internet for a piece that says YOU, but can’t find it.

Imagine Remaking your old Jewelry into your New Favorite Piece!

Jennifer, Graduate Gemologist

Why Remake Jewelry

When you custom redesign your old jewelry, the New piece is:

  • One of a kind to only you. This means you are more likely to love it for many years to come.

  • More memorable since you are helping to create something personally made just for you.

  • A jewelry experience like no other, giving you a chance to tell the story of how the new piece was created, from what piece or pieces it came from, and relive the memory of who gave you the old jewelry.

  • More meaningful, especially if you use stones from something else.

  • A treasure that brings more happiness and positivity since it was made with purposeful and loving intentions.




How It Works

Schedule Free Consultation

Chat With An Expert

Schedule your Free Zoom Consultation with your design expert to get to know you, your style and what you want to create.

free jewelry consultation

Design Selection

You will receive multiple design sketches for you to choose from and/or tweak to your exact liking. A hand carved Wax or 3D CAD is made for final approval.

Get New Jewelry

Get Excited!

Sit back, relax and get updates as your dream piece is being created by our skilled craftsmen.

Wedding couple kissing engagement ring wedding jewelry_edited.jpg

When is the Best time to Remake Jewelry?

Well, you know that I am going to say… Anytime, right?


The Best Times are:

  • To celebrate you or a personal milestone with a piece you have always wanted.

  • To make something for a loved one as a special gift for a birthday, holiday, anniversary.

  • If you are getting married and want to create a personalized engagement ring and matching wedding band


Celebrate your Special Occasions

citrine ring.jpg


Celebrate your Special Occasions


Birthday: Michelle's One-of-a-kind evil eye ring

To celebrate turning the Big 3-0 (I wish!), Michelle wanted to remake a gift her dad gave her that she never wore or liked. She always wanted a evil eye ring and was blown away by this unique design. She can wear it now for many happy birthdays to come!

22 (2).png

Just Because: Michelle wanted to treat herself

We also do full custom design and source stones for you. Michelle wanted a "happy" ring which citrine gemstone brings. She also wanted to wear it with her evil eye ring. Since we already designed for Michelle, we hit the design on he first try...she was truly happy & amazed!


Anniversary: Linda's Updated wedding Band

Linda's original eternity band had many chipped stones and didn't fit her style anymore. We used some of her original diamonds and sourced matching new ones to complete her new wedding band after 15 years of marriage


Anniversary: Linda's EXTRA Anniversary gift

We remade Linda's wedding band, but she also had out-dated jewelry from her mother that she never wore. She always wanted a big pave halo ring, so her husband surprised her with this unique and special gift.

8 (2).png

Engagement: Emily's Perfect Engagement ring

Emily inherited jewelry from her grandmother and her mother that we used to create her new meaningful engagement ring & wedding band that she wears & loves every day.

18 (3).png

Birthday: Stephanie's dream geometric ring

This birthday Stephane was starting Fresh! Using the diamonds from her old, unworn jewelry we created her new happy piece and make her birthday wish come true.

Repurposing jewelry is perfect for creating a special and magical new piece for that upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday or whatever special occasion you are celebrating and need new jewelry to go with your fabulous outfit. It is also perfect for surprising someone you love with a very special, meaningful and memorable piece of jewelry that really shows you care. Believe me, they will treasure it forever!

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