Do You Have Gems and Jewelry you don't know what to do with?

At Rejewelvenated Designs, we believe in the unique power of transforming your old, unloved, inherited or out-of- date jewelry into a piece you will cherish.

The Top Craftsmen on Long Island Specializing in the Art of Repurposing your Jewelry.

Creating, designing or buying jewelry should be a fun & exciting experience …not stressful and intimidating. When it comes to jewelry design, appraisals or consulting, we provide a friendly and professional experience so that you can relax and trust that at Rejewelvenated Designs, you will be well taken care of. 

We have a long standing reputation within the industry as being one of the most ethical jewelers that hold the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


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I started Rejewelvenated Designs because I have always been driven by my values of family, relationships, special connections, self-love and empowerment.  These are the key foundations to what makes you unique; what lights you up and makes you shine brighter. 

And through my own experience of combining these values with my passion for jewelry and design, I found how amazing jewelry transformation is.  

Most people that I meet do not know what they should do with their old jewelry. That is why it is so important to me to share this incredible experience and feeling with all of you.

As a Graduate and former Teacher at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), I will use my 20+ years of expertise in jewelry design, gemology and appraising to help you transform the jewelry you are no longer wearing into a piece of jewelry that you always dreamed of! 


By working together YOU will SHINE inside & out!


Did you inherit  jewelry from a loved one?

Transform those precious memories to fit your unique style.



"My mother-in-law left this amazing ring to me.  She wore it everyday and it was a part of her.  


The style was a bit old fashioned for my taste and wanted to change the look, but keep her memory.


 Jennifer did a great job in executing this Fabulous, New ring with mom's center stone watching over me.  


What a difference!  The stone really pops now and I wear it everyday now just like she did!"    

Do you have jewelry from your divorce that you don't know what to do with?

Cleanse those memories by Transforming them into a Symbol that Celebrates YOU!



"Choosing to have my jewelry repurposed with you was such a fantastic decision.

I chose to re-configure my wedding ring and engagement ring following my divorce.

The rings were causing such sadness where once they had been symbolic of my greatest joy and commitments.


Working with you to create

symbolic and meaningful pieces which express the dynamic nature of life and love was so healing. I now wear the pieces with joy, lightness and freedom."


Do you have dated jewelry that is no longer your style?

Give it a makeover & Transform it into something new & trendy!



"I love Blue Sapphires, especially since they are my birthstone. 


I had a few pieces I got as birthday gifts from when I was younger that I wasn't wearing anymore. 


Yellow gold is not my favorite and I wanted a more modern, sophisticated style to wear for professional events.

I never dreamed my old childhood jewelry could be transformed into something so elegant and beautiful! 


I get so many compliments when I wear this necklace. "


Repurposing Services

Bring in your unworn gold and gems and Rejewelvenate them. Create an exciting new piece.

Jewelry Design

For those with a vision, we offer custom jewelry design. Discuss your ideas with us and bring them to life.

Fine Earrings

Appraisal Services

There are many important reasons why you should know what your jewelry is worth.

Repurpose your gold jewelry and gem stones and get a lot more value.


What your gold or diamond jewelry might be worth if you scrap it for wholesale market value.


What your gold or diamond jewelry might appraise for if you have it repurposed.

Out-of-date or broken jewelry not looking so great? Then you need to REjewelVENATE it. Bring in your gold and gem stones. Let's get a wholesale value of it all. Then lets talk about how we can use it to create something new that you can wear, enjoy and get a lot more value from.

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